Welcome to Argos

Argos is a high fantacy campain setting, developed over the course of 10 years, and many campaigns have had there say in what the land of Argos is like today. Orginaly written for the DnD 3.5 ruleset, it has since been updated to Pathfinder, and can easily fit many other rules-systems with a little alteration.

Argos is a land of political tunmoil, high magic, and cyborg mercinarys. While many of the normal aspects found in other campain settings hold true here, the fallowing information is for both Players and GMs, to both explain the type of game Argos is best at, the history of the world, as well as information on how to create a charater that fits the world.

What sets Argos apart from most other campain settings is it’s high magic setting. Wizards are not viewed with awe, fear, or hate, they are viewed as a normal part of life, just as tecknology is viewed in a modern setting. Make no mistake, this is still a land of high adventure and action…but the prevalence of magic is one of the defining features of Argos, and it’s long, rich history, both past and future. Magic is built into the very fabric of this setting. It influences everyday life….while a commoner is unlikely to afford spellcasting, it is not an uncommon sight to see police scanning doors with Detect spells, and to see Unscene Servants carrying the laundry for more rich folk.

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