Ardell's Diary 1

A pink book covered with various cute stamps such as bunnies, ponies, and rainbows is closed with a heart-shaped lock. The heart-shaped key, lays next to it. Do you open it?

If you clicked yes, immediately you see the page is written in hot pink crayon and several random doodles break up the words

Dear Diary,

hehe I’ve always wanted to write that! . Speak of which, I should start at the beginning! The beginning of me of course! Diary’s care about that sort of thing. Let’s see…started my boring life with hard working parents on a farm. Blablabla, went to make them happy as a knight to our Lord Vadam. Was pretty fun learning how to fight from them (That’s where I learned Bull Rush playing football! Not many people know that shhhhhhh oh wait, Diaries always keep secrets hehehe) Anyway, I tried my best to become the best! ….It didn’t work though…I failed out of the Spartan program designed at taking the best in the kingdom and making them awesome. There is a sad little chibi drawing of Ardell being rained on by a little cloud

I became content in my team though. I did become 2nd in command in the Ghostbusting squad! My commanding officer, Sir Rand, was SO hot. hearts circle his name Then Lord Vadam went missing. Huge Bummer! I volunteered to help search/save him in hopes of earning some brownie points with my commanding officer and maybe another chance at the Spartan program.

My quest…led me to a group consisting of a blue man and a bard wanting devil contracts. There were a few others but they left or died. Anyway, we save Lord Vadam! Yay Right? Nope! He got up and left me! And told me to stay with this group because they do “important things.”

UUUUUGGGG Thus began the monotony of following. (Baron-chan told me about that word monotony. Mooooonooootoooony he said it means doing the same thing over and over again and I did a lot of Bull Rushes. Baron-chan’s nice. Likes girls too much. But at least we are friends) blue crayon scribbles the next page

MeEEEeeeeEEEeeeEEEeeeH Um we did stuff…went to dick druid land. Killed dumb head druid. Went to hell…and then…THEN something maaaaagical happened! stars and what appears to be glitter falls out of the book

I ran into an old friend and he took us to our big base and I got some fancy black armor. Crazy thing though! I ran into our newest party member, Nolith-sempai! (He’s a cool robot guy that is my friend too) That’s when it happened! My eyes were open to the world of fluff and cuteness! Sempai made me realize that deep down, everyone wanted a friend. And that’s why….I shall make the world fluffy and ADORABLE!

hehehe Anyway, we saved some druid guy. Nolith-sempai and I went on this awesome adventure where we returned some shiny crystals to our friends at headquarters. (Also have to remember not to say biscuits all the time) Now we are in an elven city doing something else and you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore! I have my own things to do now. First on the list – nap-time, then coloring book while boring people talk boring things. Second on the list – makes friends!


Keven buttercupbears

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