Lack of trust in Hades=common sense.

Arrol and Kodak want the dragon orbs story and offer to help reach the library in exchange for it. Bornsteller enters into an uneasy deal with him in order to reach the library. Didn’t seem like a smart move to me but with my devil friend shouldn’t be a big issue. A contract devil from the parties past were waiting for us as they ascended the tower. Bornsteller owed them a favor, which they decided to call in. not very smart to make an actually contract with devils but not me on the chopping block. the favor was that of servitude. Born stellar was given two days to decide between killing himself or working to corrupt the angels that teleported. After this, beltheroth appears riding in on a griffon. Unseen for the last 60 years, he has reappeared on the material planes now. His appearance spurred the dragon guards to attack, as well as two demons. The wizards decided to cast a few spells, then hide behind the door to watch the real fighters die. After killing one of the dragons, as well as the demons, the final dragon guard was flying out of reach like a coward. Luckily I had an anchor feather token and managed to wrap it around him and use my weight to pull him within Benny’s reach. He would have died right there too if the party hadn’t interfered. Despite common sense and the codes of honor, they decided he would be spared. Because of this ridiculous decision, I decided to spend my time looting the body and keeping it to myself. After cutting off a dragon head as a trophy, I was disappointed as the party showed mercy to the living dragon by letting it escape. Belthazar then agreed to help the party reach the library of souls, which I guess is helpful. Hopefully his common sense regarding survival improves, but considering his age its not likely.


Keven Nolath

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