Moving Up In The World

things are changing quickly now. we reached the library of souls and got betrayed by arrol, the summoner we met. after he made a wrong move during a game a wanna be lich suggested, he got captured and i jumped into one of the knowledge fountains. i managed to learn a few things, even more after born had me find knowledge for him. after that i and ardel teleported back to headquarters and completed our mission. i managed to turn that genocidal doctor over for punishment as well, which was quite nice. i got a very nice promotion, so now im a full fledged hell knight. haven’t turned to baby killing so i hope my devil has better than this to corrupt me. got a side mission too, had to retrieve some kind of gems from a high and mighty wizard. thought he was doing the world so much good he gets a free pass to steal. not on my watch. managed to sneak in with ardel, fooled the idiots into thinking i was a delivery bot. didn’t know what him em when i jaunted behind him. sadly the fight went longer than i hoped, and he managed to turn poor benny into a rabbit. bastard, i had the last laugh when i trapped his soul though. don’t know what ill do with it, but i’m sure it wont be fun for him. when i returned born and baron were trying to figure out how to get home, which born had the solution of using some weird scroll that was supposed to summon us somewhere. i didn’t know. after waiting a few hours i just decided it would be faster to use the hell knight portals. we managed to get to the beastlands, and returned that druid. i didn’t know what the big deal was, but if it helps i guess. they were so grateful they even gave us a wish, but for some reason born was determined to save that idiot arrol. traded a massive block of ademntine for him. guy wasn’t even grateful, was just as arrogant and rude as he always was. wish that lich had been a bit rougher, but what can you do. guy had an out for born though in regards to his deal with that pit fiend. had a succubus in his debt, don’t know who’s more foolish with that. born for dealing with pit fiends or arrol dealing with a succubus. glad i kept it smart and kept contracts and such out of my deal with the devil. hes been good so far with it, so i can at least trust him not to be stupid and betray me for fun. hes been learning an awful lot of secrets recently though, god help that pit fiend when i let him off the leash……


Keven Nolath

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