Summary so far, reviving the log

So i’m going to be taking over the log it seems, which means be ready for Nolath’s view on everything that has happened. but first here is what has happened since so many people (myself included) are a bit fuzzy on whats going on. this is directly from Dylan.

Party was delving below skull city while it was under siege by Kord, and trying to kill the Pit Fiend that was basically “Powering” the cities defenses. Party met an inevitable, who killed there friend Chelliax, but they eventually stopped the Pit Fiend. Skull city was destroyed, and everyone believed all was well. Party screwed around for a bit, looking for Born’s missing sword from a while ago, before Baron was contacted by a devil, (who killed him) and the party druid was told by a trent that shit was going down in the Beastlands. In essence, the arch druid had gone missing, and an upstart has taken control of the collective. Said upstart was an old party member, Kern. Party went to the Beast lands, found most druids rather violent, but still attempted to resolve the situation peacefully. They did. Through quite a bit of tenacity, they convinced Kern to step down, entirely nonviolently. After this, however, Kern and baron got in an argument, Kern turned baron into a 10 year old, and things escalated from there. Kern ended up dead. This earned the ire of most of the druids, but the fight was broken up by a Warforged Druid/warrior/monk named The Seeker of Fist of the Forest (Who, as a side note, offered to train the warriors of the party his way of fighting, John took him up on it) Seeker told them that finding the old Arch druid would probably solve 90% of the problems in the beastlands, so party did some research. Party found out that Arch druid was researching in Hades. Before they went to hades, they decided to go talk to another contact of theirs, a dead Arch mage called Issiac Johnson. To get there, they chose to ride via pegisi, which turned into a race (Because Rainbow Dash) Baron won, and as a side effect of this, got Derpys “Ball-toy” witch turned out to be an orb of dragon kind. Party talked to issiac, who explained how standard planar travel is “cloudy” and urged them to find a portal, as well as offered them a reward. Party took a portal to hell, saved the two angels from a life of slavery, met up with the (Now dead) chelliax, who tried his best to get on born’s good side, (and gave them a bunch of loot as a bribe) Party found out that the best way to get to hades is via Charon, on the river Styx, so they blew a powerful spell, nothing happened, and they got pissed. Then nolath appeared out of nowhere, with a super-powerful magic item to summon Charon.

So that’s the basic summary of most of the past, here is from the last few session

Taking the appearance Nolath and his bird as a strange quirk of fate, the party took the scroll of holy word. Nolath believing the party to be part of an illusion made to settle a bet, decided to tag along since he was obviously meant to help them succeed in order to win. Charon appeared and the party paid for transport. After a deadly mid ride ambush, the party finally arrived at hades. However, representatives from the dragons were waiting to strike, and after a brief negotiations the dragon and his minions attacked. The two angels managed to teleport away with the orb of dragon kind, but that left the rest of the party to be captured. Only Nolath escaped through a quick illusion. After john and ardel caught up, the three decided to head towards a massive tower in the distance, ruled by pestilence of the four horseman.
After arriving, they quickly secured disguises in order to sneak into the tower. However the barbarian john became angered suddenly, and roared out a challenge to pestilence himself. Moments later his legs began to melt off due to one of pestilences diseases. Deciding to go out with a bang, john sundered the door and almost killed the guardian by himself. Hoping to be diplomatic, Nolath and ardel hung back. They quickly realized this was futile and went to fight with john. He was killed before they could act however, and they only managed to avenge his death. While this was happening, baron faced terrible torture in the tower. Born woke to find himself within a splendid room, and after taking some time to decide his wardrobe, proceeded to a meeting with the head of the dragons. He secured the release of baron, the missing arch druid (and nolaths bird benny) as well as being allowed to attend the uncovering of an extremely powerful artifact. Nolath proceeded to find himself an unlikely ally by using the slight fame he gained from finishing the door guardian.
Born went on a quest to find his lost things, which Nolath had already looted, and accidentally got himself into a tight spot with a daemon. baron took the druid as his responsibility, protecting him in order to have his curse removed. Nolath decided to search for benny, and was startled to discover (with the help from his ally) that a nearby caster was having him followed. Upon confrontation, the mage feigned ignorance due to not understanding how he had been found out. This was interrupted by born fleeing down the stairs, followed closely by the daemon. A fight ensued, into which the entire party soon joined. After defeating it and a second it had summoned, the party got into a disagreement over priorities. Whether the druid would be affected by a few more days within hades which could be spent looking into the library of souls for information, or should they immediately leave and try to get him saved with a miracle.


Keven Nolath

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