Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 009

Help! I'm falling and I cant get up!

Today is a day filled with sorrow, for we have lost another comrade to the treachery of the Devourer. The one that died today was Liliana. She was a good friend, a bit shy and didnt trust many people very easily but who could blame her, in a time like this trust is hard to come by. Her body might be gone but the memory of her will never fade, and in these next few pages i will illustrate her final battles against evil so that there is a record of this fallen heroes final moments.

It all started in the hall way at the beginning of Acereraks Demi-plane. We peaked through the door at the end of the hallway that lead to the next room. We spotted four Howlers, savage looking beast that appeared to be a cross between a dog and a porcupine. Some time passed as we devised what we were going to do to take on this threat in the smartest and safest way possible. The plan we decided on was that i will get some grenades and tie them together, lite the fuse, and toss them into the room. Then i would create a minor image of an angelic being where the grenades are as to draw the hounds close to them. After the grenades would go off they would eventually notice us at the door and come for us, were we would then bottleneck them and take them out one by one.

We initiated the plan and watched it unfold. We it 3 of the 4 howlers hurting them pretty good. They then seen us and charged at the door. I tried to hold the door partially closed so Liliana could stab at them with her spear, but they pushed it open putting me against the wall. I levitated up and shot some arrows as Liliana held her position at the door. The hounds were lining up to get slaughtered. They tried stunning us with their howls but our will power was to strong for them that day and one after another they fell in a pile at the door, the last one ran away though to warn the others before we could get to him. After the battle we tended to the few scratches we had received, but we were greatly satisfied with our plan for it had worked perfectly. It’s always nice when people follow the set plan, everything end up working out.

We studied the room which happened to be a library filled with books on evil and torcher. i found one that could help me further understand the torcher being done to Vadam in my vision, so i packed it away in my bag. There was another book there we found which looked relatively new, It was called Drowned Jabe and His Miserable Brothers and Sisters. We were cautious about reading the book so we just tossed it in the bag. Another door was at the other end of the room, Liliana and I decided to get ready for whatever could be on the other side of that door so we pilled a whole bunch of books up near it, ready to light on fire to harm whatever could be on the other side.

By this time we were joined by Abyssalon. I filled her in on what happened and then peaked into the next room were i just saw a never ending void surrounded with stairs that seemed to go both up and down but connect all around. looking at it made one feel a bit unbalanced as the stairs seemed to be impossible. Liliana decided to be the first on to enter the room, then followed Abyssalon and i stayed at the door. Not long after entering the room these shadows started to appear out of the far most wall. We took battle positions and began to fight. Liliana and Abyssalon swung at the shadows but it only seemed to do partial damage, the story was no different for my crossbow. Whenever these shadows touched you they made you weaker making it harder to fight or run. Liliana was taking on the brunt of the shadows and soon she was on her knees as they drained her strength, turning her protection into a hindrance. i noticed her barely able to move so i rushed in and gave her a potion to give her some strength back, Abyssalon wasn’t looking to well either. The potion i gave Liliana helped for a little bit but as i was dragging her back to the doorway she was touched by another shadow, draining the last bit of her strength and turning her into one of them as she died in my hands. I yelled to Abyssalon that we need to get out of here and i ran into the other room where i knew they couldn’t get me Abyssalon ran to the wall to try to investigate it but she was soon surrounded, she quickly retreated back to the library room.

It’s sad we had to loose Liliana to a shadow, it saddens me inside knowing there is nothing we could do, Things would be a lot easier if she was still a body. It makes you wonder though, how many of those other shadows were once good people who are now cursed to be a shadow. It is quite sad.

After mourning for a bit we decided run into the room, grab Liliana’s stuff, and head down the left stairs. While running past the shadows one of them got a hot on me but i shook it off and kept going, once we were safe I healed the strength taken from me and seen that we were in another room with an endless void. There was a small passage a bit below the wooden platform we were on. Abyssalon asked me if i trusted her, and i said kinda. Next thing i know she tackled me off the platform towards the passage. We missed it. Then we started falling and passing the bridge, over and over again. I used my grappling hook to catch onto the ledge. As i tried to climb it i slipped. The same happened to Abyssalon the first time. We both hooked again, she was able to make it up to the passage…i slipped again. I missed the next throw but on the fourth attempt i got it again. This time though i had Abyssalon pull me up. We were now in a small passage way awaiting what is to come next.


Keven Nick_bird

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