Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 010

Enemies around every corner

We continued through the demi-plane slaying all in our path in the name of Good. We came across a Jail where there was two bearded devils guarding three prisoners. we were able to distract and disorganize the devils enough for the prisoners to get out. Among the prisoners was Crudak who mysteriously vanished shortly after we entered the plane. We all trapped the Bearded Devils down a few of the corridors. Trapped and no where to go they we soon destroyed. The two other prisoners, Father Valentine a bard and Ardell a night, joined us as we ventured through the tomb.

Our next encounter was Drowning Jeb, this was a pretty easy battle since Crudak through some magic dust at him that turned him into a pellet. We took care of the water zombies and then we were on our way. Down this slippery slide we went and found this floating ball of chain that would take forever for us to kill so we decided to move on. The next set of rooms we found was a series of chambers used as therapy for different fears. Beyond those we found an Imp that is now traveling along with us. He showed us to the door that was the entrance to a puzzle, that if we were to solve would lead us to the final room. Naturally we were able to eventually figure out the puzzle and proceeded to the final room. There we encountered some one from my past, an old friend, Thel Naroosian.

He came in contact with the sword and it took control of his mind, turning him into something he was not. I could see deep down he was trying to fight it but there was nothing we could do, we had no choice but to fight him. In his dying he said that it was the sword making him do this and he only hopes that his father will forgive him. then he turned to dust. I gathered up his ashes in a urn to give to his family.

We found a door that was the way out and for some reason lead to our rooms, so we went through.

Back at the house our troubles were still not over. I went to find the Sword shathi got me but it had been stolen. i found out that the thieves that took it were the ones that we met shortly before returning to Argos. the Paladin and sickly women. That is not all though, Abyssalon started to show more signs of evil and then she attacked us. It was just me and Valentine trying to take him on. Valentine got frightened and ran off and i went outside to get the tank. i also told the guards what happened and told them to go get more help. By the time i pulled the tank around, Valentine rejoined and got in the tank. Knowing that he would suspect us to come through the door we went through the wall instead. As soon as we were inside an old friend showed up, Bach. Abyssalon tried to turn Bach against us by telling him the tank ate us, and Bach having the intelligence of an imp believed him. Bach picked up the crab tank, breaking the arms. while we were in the air i convinced Bach that we are fine and Abyssalon is the enemy.

Another familiar face appeared. It was Virgil, he also brought the guard with him. Virgil was there more for the sword rather than to help us. With the crab tank partially functioning i decided as a last ditch effort to charge abyssalon with it, but he pulled out a wand and rusted it in its tracks. Valentine ended up turning invisible and sneaking off before i charged, not sure what he was going to do since he was invisible. Virgil decides to enthrall us in a bunch of tentacles making very difficult to move and more challenging for me cause im in a metal can that is being destroyed and no way to get out. Abyssalon decides to say some evil words that happen to get Virgil on his side. The situation starts to look grim. The tank breaks apart and im able to jump free without harm, Bach is trying to fight them and i realize that we might need more help or try from a different approach. I fall back to the hallway to set a trap in one of the rooms.

I met Valentine outside and shortly after we saw Bach who was badly injured. We decided to head to the town hall to tell them of what is going on and that we need help. After explaining it to the receptionist first, King Cealthalsaur strolls out and asks whats going on. I explain it to him and he agrees to help.

We get to the manor and find that they have summoned a few Bearded Devils. Cealthasaur takes the devils down pretty quickly with just a few words. We managed to proceed to kill Virgil and Abyssalon with a lot of help from Cealthalsaur. With them dead and no longer a problem Cealthalsaur picked up the sword and was able to resist its effects, He is going to put it in a special container so it cant effect us.

We thanked Ceal and in return for him helping us he said that if he needs a task done in the future we are to do it, so we really had no choice but to agree.

After the battle we started to clean up and also talk about why Ardell and Valentine were in the demi-plane jail. They told me that they were each looking for Vadam and were captured, but they do not know eachother. They were able to tell me that they heard he was taken to a place called Skull City. I used this new information to do some research into the whereabouts of the city and i was able to determine the general area of it. I also Realized that this place seemed very familiar. With our new found money we suited up for the long journey and fixed the Crab tank then we were off. To prevent any further problems of people breaking into our home i told the guards to only allow me and a select few others if they know the password, no exceptions.

After traveling for some days now we reached the swamp and the edge of the city. There we found a follower of Heironius who was badly heart. He was a bit frightened to see me and actually had me mistaken for someone else. He said he thought i was his commander, someone by the name of Rolterra who also had nearly my exact likeliness. Which means possibly another Samsarian, But also the name Rolterra is the name of an evil minor deity. Which if this is the case then he has fooled these followers into believing he is good and is secretly trying to carry out evil plans. Also if he looks like me then that is not good, so i have sent word back to Cealthyr to warn of this. It is also strange that a Samsarran Would take such a dark path, usually our species does not follow the dark path but it is not impossible.

Checking the nearby building we found a whole bunch of skeletons and dead bodies, along with a giant Ooze. Ardell went right in and started hitting the Ooze as we fired shots from the back and soon we were able to help defeat the Ooze and skeletons.

In the corner of the building we found a Genie’s lamp, which we took outside. We thought long and carefully about what we should do and we decided to rub the lamp. Out came the Genie and imediatly he thought i was Rolterra. It took a while to calm him down and convince him that i am not Rolterra and we are friendly. We are able to also convince him of the problems we are facing and the threat Acererak poses. He agrees to what we tell him and that if he travels with us (not like he has much of a choice) and sees that we are different then other mortals we will set him free.

We continued on our march.


Keven Nick_bird

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