Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 011

Siege after siege

We continued on through the swamps in search of Skull city. on our way through we encountered a Hydra, We begun to fight it and a familiar face arose in the distance. it was John. With our crab tank, johns help, and a few close calls we were able to defeat the Hydra. John introduced us to an acquaintance of his that will help us get into Skull city.

John lead us to Skull city and once we arrived Johns friend spoke in dark speech to get us in. John brought us up to date on what is going on and showed me where Vadam was being held. They had vadam locked up in a cage like an animal, and just about every abjuration spell on it. There was suppose to be an army that was going to help us siege the city to save Vadam but those plans hit a bit of a snag. Apparently the army was suppose to come from Valhalla but we got reports that some demons are invading the plane, so like any good samaritan we went to go help defend an entire plane from destruction.

John was able to Plane shift us there but we had to do a little bit of walking where we were met by a dragon. He was no match for us, with our combined might and spells we were able to keep him on the ground long enough for us to take him out. shortly after the encounter Grangee, Johns lamp archon, came back with some hound archons that took us to the main city, there last stand. Once there they filled us in on what is happening and asked for our help. We were happy to lend a helping hand. With a map of the city and a list of there troops and resources we planned for a couple hours on what we were going to do. Just as we were putting the final touches on our plan we the enemy troops started approaching. We sounded the alarm and got all the troops into positions, everyone was going to go to the front lines while i stayed at the tower to direct the troops and evaluate the larger threats. The demons sent in their lemur forces and giant blobs first to try to make a bridge over the mote. We had our cannon try to stop them as much as they can. After a while they were able to break through at 2 of the 3 locations but just barely. The demons next attack came from the sky. They dropped a few of these really fat demons into the city, they were also invisible which made things a bit more difficult. i commanded the hound archons to dump flour on them so our troops could see what they were fighting. we lost some troops to these things but we were able to hold our ground.

The next wave came at us from the north and the west. they broke through our western front first, but someone by the name of jade challenged the demon to a duel and if she won then they would have to turn back. but if he won then they could continue on through the city. I heard that it was an intense battle but Jade came out on top, and that part of the demons forces left the city. At the north gate they broke through and our holy water cannons hosed them down dealing massive amounts of damage but some still managed to get through. Ardell, John, Valentine and a few others helped clean up the rest enough for the remaining troops to hold them back.

We were holding our ground but just barely, at this rate it would end in a stalemate. This cause for drastic action, i pulled out a scroll of command weather that someone in the group gave me, i began to cast it. While the group was at the north gate some money devils got through the south gate and were heading to the center of the city, I told one of the archons to tell the troops in the center tower to grab the gold decorative swords so they are effective against these monsters.

As they were beating down the door a contract devil appeared and offered a deal. They knew they were loosing and we were suffering as well. He said his lord didnt wish to see anyone else die considering they knew they were about to lose and that we also plan on attacking Skull city. He said that they will withdraw all their troops from this plane as well as some powerful people from Scull city, in return i do one favor for him. I know that devils will keep their word in a contract but will also try to screw the other person over for their own gain. What makes this deal a bit different though is that because of my species i cant be damned to hell. i thought a while on this and looked at the outcomes if i didnt take this deal, and the outcomes if i did. under normal circumstances i would refuse immediately, but this isnt a normal circumstance. From a tactical stand point this is worth it because i will be saving lives and time while only putting my life at risk in the future. from a moral standpoint it is quite the opposite. After much thought and reading the whole contract i decided to make the deal, the contract devil also threw in a free wish. I dont expect anyone to respect the decision i made but i made it with only my life at risk, and the money devils would of gotten to me before the group and before i could get the spell off. The reason i also took the deal was cause i knew this devil is no stupid fella, he should know not to trust Acererak and about the balance in the universe. Either he is playing Acererak or he has his own motifs, the favor he will want me to do will most likely be something that will help him get more power in the levels of hell, though im sure he also knows that i will not betray my friends and allies so if he wants me to do a favor for him he would have me do something that is beneficial to us both. It will be a hurtle i will have to cross when the time comes.

The group didnt like my decision but i dont think they fully understand what is at stake and the hard decisions we will have to take upon ourselves in order to win. Also any one who knows me knows i always have a plan for the decisions i make.

Back at the tower i met the new additions to our group. Baron Tasker,

After the meet and greet, Kord decided to come back, he gave most of us a reward, even though he did not like my decision to take the deal but he still gave me something. we told him about the plan for skull city and he agreed to help, so not only did we have the support of the additional troops but also the support of a god. We took some time to rest and equip ourselves before we headed out. The plan basically is Kord and his troops will burst through the front gates while we sneak around the side and find and save Vadam.

Morning came and we were off to siege a city. Kord transported us to the city and busted down the gates and started the attack. We snuck around the side where we were helped over the wall from the imp that Valentine adopted. We made our way into the tunnels where we encountered our first foe, Fallen shadows. These were like the ones we fought on the demi plane that killed Liliana. Jade through up a shroud of darkness which made it impossible to shoot the things, once she lowered it we were able to deal some damage. Ardell was made for this kind of fighting and was making the Shadows hurt. Baron shot one of the ghost down and Ardell got a few more, Everyone else was doing there part to help take down the rest of the shadows while i was doing my part and trying to keep everyone alive.


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