Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 012

Through the dungeon we go

We encountered many hostiles on our way through the many rooms of this dungeon. Not all were bad though, We met a ghostly gnome who was trapped in this dungeon just rowing back and forth in the hallway. We asked him what dangers lie ahead and how to shut down the engines. he told us and also gave us a key to shut down the cooling tanks. we moved on and also told him we would try to save him.

One of the foes we faced was the necromancer from shanedon that we fought and killed, he was now some half ghost thing but once again we had to kill him. This was a tough battle, we ended up loosing Jade in the process to the point where it was impossible to save her or bring her back. Valentine also went down to the point i could no longer heal him to bring him back, but upon looking through his chest for my contract i noticed a few other strange things and also remembered i had a scroll that could bring him back. In his chest we learned who Valentine really was, a demon hunter for Asmodious, one of our enemies. i contemplated very heavily on whether to bring him back or not, but after reading through most of his journal and the fact he was helping us and hasn’t done anything to hurt the trust between us i decided to restore him. I was still cautious though and wanted answers so i had my crossbow at the ready. When he awoke i asked him where his loyalties lie and why did he not tell us. He spoke and said that he is only with Asmodious to slay devils and that is it, and that he is loyal to us and he will help us defeat Acererak.

We continued forward through the dungeon, we found a cleric of Palor who was sent to help. we welcomed him and fought onward. we stumbled into a meeting between shathi, chelliax, and a few other devils. I asked what was going on and shathi explained he is here to try to convince them to not lead their path of destruction through Cealthyr. i talked to them both about what is going on. I told chelliax that we have to continue on and if he tries to stop us then we will have to fight him. he said he cant stop us so he stepped aside. but John and the Cleric had to start making things difficult and attack chelliax. After things settled down we preceeded. chelliax showed us the secret loot stash.

We found a contract outsider and asked to see the contract. i found a loop hole that made it so he couldnt intervene when we try to stop the ritual, and also made it so the contract was null. sadly he went after chelliax for his involvement in forging a signature and chased him, ultimately killing him.

We continued and found Vadam in a cage suspended above the floor. We fought the evil guys in the room and freed vadam. after freeing him we talked for a bit then left the city


Keven Nick_bird

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