Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 013

Its been a long time to get from here to there

It has been a while since i have recorded the events which have partook, i seemed to have lost my pencil during our travels some how. the things that have happened recently were nothing that we couldn’t handle but still a bit… exciting.

It all started when we decided to head to the Beast lands after i searched for my missing sword a bit more. We ended up meeting with Kern who was no longer the same as when we last met. he was still an extremist but he seemed to no longer have that trust in me like he use to, even after everything i have tried to do for him, but sometimes a soul cannot be saved through normal means. We ended up meeting him during a council that was in progress, with some help from our new druid friend we were able to convince Kern to step down as the Arch Druid. After the council i went to meet up with kern and talk to him, i told the party to stay back for i have a past with Kern and it would be best if i were to talk to him alone, but Baron decided to disobey my word and followed me. I talked to Kern and started to have him see my way and i got a little more hope that he could be a good ally with some more work. As i was finishing talking to him Baron decided to step in and insult Kern, so Kern turned him into a 10 year old, and started to walk away. This angered baron who raised his gun and shot him in the back. Things escalated from there and we ended up having to kill Kern. What was suppose to be a peaceful day ended in bloodshed.

As we stood over Kerns corpse we were attacked by hateful comments when a metal man of all things came to our rescue. he told the onlookers and protesters to disperse and that he would take care of this matter. His name was the Seeker of the Fist of the Forrest. after talking to him for a bit and telling him why we are here he offered John and Ardell the chance to learn some new moves and the ways of the Fist of the Forrest. John excepted. He proceeded to tell us that getting the previous Arch Druid back would solve most of the problems and help fix what has been done. So with that we headed to see my friend Issiac, on our way there we found a group of ponies that we convinced to give us a ride there which turned into a race with some bets being placed. Baron won and got a Orb of Dragonkind which for some reason one of the ponies had. We talked to my contact Issiac and did some further research on what the arch druid was researching which lead us to our next mission. Issiac told us that the planar travel is being unreliable at the moment so we followed some leads and found out more of where the arch druid was heading and also lead us to a portal that would take us to hell. It wouldnt be that easy though for we had to still travel to the river Stykx and head to Hades.

Once in hell we decided to try to disguise ourselves better, so we went with Valentine being a slave owner/trader and us being his slaves. In town we seen two angles that were being held as slaves. Baron insisted on us saving them and he would pay for their slave costs and passage on the River of stykx. We finally all agreed and went and waited in an ally as Valentine bought them. We got out of town and headed to the river stykx, I helped calm the angels and let them know we are here to help. our first attempt at contacting Charon didnt work so the rest of us waited at an Inn while Valentine went and bought another scroll and to sell some things. While he was doing that i heard the voice of a familiar friend trying to get a room, it was Chelliax. I sent him a message and told him to meet me in our room cause we needed to talk. he came to our room and I told him a bit of what was going on and asked him what he was up to nowadays, after chit chatting for a bit he gave me some shoes that will make me a bit quicker on my feet when surprised and he also gave me a paper which depicted a way for us to get out of here by basically taking a summoned creatures place and be summoned back to the material plane. i said my thanks and we parted ways. Valentine soon returned afterwards and said we were being followed and need to leave immediately, so we used the orb and teleported out of there and near the river Stykx.

Shortly after, a giant gold chest appeared near us and from it emerged a man robot named Nolath riding his prehistoric bird. Also inside the chest was a scroll we could use to summon Charon. Nolath helped us fight some things and then we all talked for a bit to figure out why he appeared and a little bit more about him . He apparently thinks we are Illusions, either he is mad or the product of a transdimmensional rift that sent him back in time or through to our reality which if the person who cast this illusion on him was standing in the right spot to cause this anomaly then it is entirely possible. When Charon appeared we all payed our way and piled into his boat , i talked to him about the arch druid and what he was here for, he didn’t know much but he did help shed some light on the matter. On our boat ride we were troubled by some evil frog things but we were able to handle ourselves and took them down with very little problem.

We reached the dock in Hades to be met with a gruesome scene of bodies of demons and devils scattered about, The “welcoming committee” was waiting for us. the wanted the Orb of dragonkind we had, but when we refused to give it to them they started attacking and the main guy turned into a dragon, the battle didnt last long for we were quickly subdued, but not before we had the angels teleport away with the orb. they took a few us including me to the tall tower whichs name i cannot remember made from the spine of a dead god.

I awoke in a pretty nice room, i didnt have any of my stuff though and there was an anti-magic brace around my ankle. i found a shaving razor and broke it in half to use as a lock pick, though the lick on the anklet was very well made i was able to unlock it without any problem. I picked out a nice outfit and put the anti- magic anklet into my pocket along with the broken razor. when dinner rolled around i was transported to the dining hall where i met an old familiar face, Welshmar. He wanted to know the location of the orb, only he wasnt asking about the one that the angels had, he was asking about a more powerful orb of dragon kind. knowing the location of it and even what it can do would be most beneficial but i would have no idea where to start looking and it was obvious that he wasnt going to let me leave without getting the information, he would of had me thrown in the holding cells to be tourtured or have me killed, and i dont have tome for that kind of stuff. so knowing that he would betray me eventually i led him to believe what he wanted, in exchange for the information i would get my friends who are being held captive released and also the arch druid, as well as being there when the orb is uncovered. He entered my mind and took the memory, though i bet he thinks he was being clever trying to block out what he took so i wouldnt follow but i know of ways that can get the memory back and there is always back doors to memories for they are never truly lost or taken. He also made the mistake of allowing me into his mind, just like with the devourer he opened up a connection to his mind when he entered mine so i was also able to get a few of his memories , most likely without him even knowing since he was focused on taking mine. Now it is just the matter of getting that memory and getting to the Welshmar and the orb before he “Gives Ceal back his bomb” in one week. I do nknow that in a past life i was doing research on the orb and graduated from a mage college with high marks because of it.

With Baron, the arch druid, and nolaths bird here and the others not in sight i went looking for them and my stuff. I just so happened to run into a deamon guarding some more of the holding cells, he didnt like me much so he started to chance me and since i had none of my stuff i just ran. Luckily however when i ran i ended up finding the rest of the party who broke in here looking for us. They came to my rescue and started fighting the deamon who then summoned a friend of his. A summoner joined the frey and helped us against the Deamons, With a combined effort we were able to take out our foe and afterwards we talked to this new summoner.

He said his name was arrol, we told him a bit about what we are doing here and he was shocked that we knew about the orb of dragon kind. He was also trying to get us to leave the tower before we could get to the Library of souls, the group was split on this decision but i told them that this is what the arch druid came here for and we dont know if he got the answers he needed or not, and there is also a lot which we can gain from this and have some questions answered. We all ultimately agreed to proceed to the Library and we made an agreement with Arrol that if he helps us then we will tell him more of what we know about the dragons.

On our way up the tower it so happens to be by luck that we enter a room in which the pit fiend i made a contract with a while back to save Esengaurd, the party, and Vadam, was having a meeting. The pit fiend ignoring some of the details of his own contract and not listening to me gave me the choice between two favors; kill myself, or corrupt the angels that helped us. I also had 2 days to do one of them. Shortly after the meeting and him leaving a paladin dragon came and found us to take us out of there. he also sparked a battle between us and the demons and devils in the room. me and Arrol headed back to the door for cover and so i could heal and save him. He summoned some eagles to help with the fight and i shot some arrows. The others partook in more direct aproaches. We got them down to just one guy left who happened to be a half dragon, or something related to a dragon, he surrendered and told us in exchange for his life he will let us know everything about the dragons. most of us were interested so we let him talk. We found out a little bit more about the dragons and what is happening with them now a days and we were also able to confirm my suspicions about Welshmar and how he plans to betray us (I never trusted him in the first place) and blow up Cealthyr.

Nolath and Ardell apeared to of changed clothes and were now in Hell knight armor, they seemed to have joined the Hell Knights.

We continued on, eventually getting to an old experiment lab that hadn’t been used in nearly 30-50 years. Arrol told us not to touch anything but decided to go in and take a “look” at some of the body parts and Nolath thought he planned to assemble a robot or something in this room, which could of been a bad idea. Whatever he would of created could of attacked us. Kolath started to smash some things and this angered Arrol, I helped get everyone calmed down. As a talked to Arrol, Nolath and everyone else snuck off. Arrol started to show his true personality, as the conversation about what happened and continued he became more arrogant and more of an asshole. i just stopped him from getting his ass beat by a tank and in return he starts saying how he is the smartest one and starts insulting me. claiming he knows so much about the Samsarran race yet in reality he knew so little. This was starting to anger me the way he was acting, Arrol wonders why we dont trust him yet but we have explained it to him, and he also didn’t want us to continue up the tower, he could of just left. And that’s what i told him, i said if he doesn’t like the way the party is or how we are running things then he can just leave, no one forced him to come along and no one is forcing him to stay, he can leave whenever he wants. Thats just what he did, he said fine and just turned and walked away. It always sucks to have to see someone go, but if you arent going to cooperate or leave some bad first impressions after yo help us win a fight then you might not be cut out for this group.

I caught up with the rest of the party who were just about to go into the next room. In the next room was a whole bunch of corpses, and standing on a table was Ceal and some cleric surrounded by flesh golems. With ease Nolath was able to take care of the flesh golems. After which he started to question the cleric and then Ceal, i too questioned him. Ceal wasnt talking and then when told about the angels looking for him he just exploded. The Cleric (who has now been arrested by Nolath for what he admitted to doing on this plane) told us that that was just a clone that was given to him.

We found out that to get to the next floor where the library was we needed to be invited, but we knew that wasn’t going to happen so me and Nolath went out the window and levitated to the next floor. The library was full of people and there were no open tubs for us. There was a wanabe litch that noticed us wandering around looking for an open spot. He offered us a proposal, if we can give him a good idea for his Phylactery he will let us use his tub of infinite knowledge, I gave him the idea of a compass so he would be able to travel the world and acquire new knowledge. Arrol decided to follow us even though he left us and didn’t want to continue up the tower, he barged in on our conversation and proposed his own idea. The wizard liked his idea too so he decided to flip a coin for who would get the tub. Arrol won the coin flip. I was furious that he followed us here and took our chance to get our questions answered when we have been fighting our way up the tower to get there. I will never forgive him. The wizard noticed we were ticked and said we could do some “bowling”. he summoned a Sphere of Annihilation and gave me a device that can control it, Arrol got done with the tub around this time and immediately tried escaping, The wizard put up a wall of force to block his escape but Arrol was able to teleport past it. The Wizard was upset that Arrol was ruining the game so he was able to cast imprison on him and asked if he could take him as a slave. during the commotion Nolath jumped into the tub and began to get answers. I told the Wizard i didnt care if he took him as a slave or not, the wizard decided to take him and in return let us use the tub for a half hour.

We gathered a lot of info about the orb, the devourer, and some other things, including what Arrol was looking up. I discovered that Arrol was made friends with a Succubus to try to get me out of my contract with the devil. Even though he is an arrogant asshole and i dont have much respect for him i figured it is a nice thing of him to try to do, though i dont know why he wants to help me cause he doesnt seem like that kind of person at all.

After the half our was up we met back up with the rest of the party and with Nolaths new connections with the Hell Knights he was able to transport us to their HQ and fill out some paperwork for a portal to the Beast lands. With the portal active we headed to return the Arch druid and in return for doing so we would get a wish. i convinced the others that we should get Arrol back in exchange for $25,000 worth of Adamantine which i remember the Wizard saying he wanted some. They agreed and we had our wish granted for the adamantine. I contacted the Wizard and arranged an exchange.

The time came and just like planned Arrol arrived at our house and the wizard got his adamantine. I still dont trust him fully and dont know what the Wizard did to him so im going to try to keep a close eye on him. He wanted to rest and so we let him, while he did that i did some more research into the current matters. Afterwards i gathered everyone and we all talked to try to get to know each other a bit more, It went ok.


Keven Nick_bird

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