Alexander Canto

Lord of Chelliax-Svaust


Knowlage: Religion:

Once, there was a young human adventurer named David Mitra. Just as he was starting to make his fortune, and continued his dungion delves, there was a freak accident, and all of his companions were killed, except for him. Makeing his way back to town, he appeared to changed, and more solatary, untill a few weeks later, he was found in Argos city, striped down to his loincloth, and writeing a letter to the devil Asmodeus..using his own blood. Oddly, it was signed with the name “Alexander Canto.” The young adventurer was bound, and shipped off to Brandscar Prision.

It was later discovered that he has escaped from Prison, and begon to preach the word of Asmodious once more. The party cornered him in Skull city, and after a fierce battle, the Cleric was slain.


Alexander Canto

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