Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa

Archmage of Caeltyr


Caelthalsur was born right before the first Draconic War, almost 800 years ago.
He claims that much of his memory of his time is hazy, but you suspect he remembers more then he speaks of. He doesn’t mention much of his family life but he will talk at length about how he and a select group of elven magi listened to the song of magic from the weave and introduced arcane spellcasting into the world.

Cael and his peers spent countless years studying the arcane and developed most of the magic that is in the world today, and he rose to be one of the most prominent arcane users among the elves. Caelthalsur took the lead of the war-wizards when the Draconic Wars began, and he appeared on the field of battle to slay the great dragons. However a spell of his own making would prove his undoing as the great elder red wyrm, Ithkarian, stripped Cael of all of his magic possessions then drained his body of all his recent memories and power, trapping him under the earth for over 300 years.

Caelthalsur never figured out how he was released from the spell of imprisonment, and he was devastated to see the state of the world and the elven people after his release. 300 years of brooding left him a changed man – nearly powerless and out for revenge – nothing would stand in his way to make the dragons pay for what they did to him and his people.

Caelthalsur has kept a journal of his records since his release, and he has traveled with many different allies and faced many enemies.

Currently Caelthalsur has several items of note on himself, his intelligent sword Dragonsunder, and his prized chainmail Phieran’s Boon, both relics and gifts from Phieran himself.

He has recently crafted his own staff to replace the one lost, which he dubbed Valinor, The Protector which has access to a wide variety of spells to defend himself and his allies.


Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa

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