Du-Wen Dragonfriend


A human sorrcer, adored with strange symbols, and blue facal hair; found paralized in a stupor allong the trade road from Pylos to Caeltyr, his sanity was restored thanks to a handy purchance from Varken.

Once his mental state was restored he gave up some information:

1. He revealed his name to be Du-wen Dragonfriend, remarking that he was not proud of his name.
2. He admitted that he was fighting dragons, but he did not say why, only remarking “That what I am doing is maintaining the status quo for you (Points at Varken) and all like you.”
3. He admitted that the reason he was still alive, was either due to a spell mishap, or a cruel foe in the Astral Plane.

He seamed eager to leave once the party was done prodding.


Du-Wen Dragonfriend

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