Envoy of Caeltyr, and powerful information seeker.


Shathi, from and early age, was always very curious about the surface world. He frequently snuck out from the caves that the Drow currently reside in and explored the surface. At first he was fascinated by the sun, but as time went on he went up there less and less. He worried about getting into the Drow military. Getting to the rank of Lieutenant and being a part of the medical squadron he learned how to fight and heal others in battle against the dracaena.

After being slain by the dracaena in battle, once brought back to life, Shathi renounced his god Pelor, because he thought he had forsaken him. Hellbent on seeking vengeance on the dracaena he sought out another god that supported his old ideas of law and newer ones of revenge. This brought him to the god known as the Three Thunders. Three Thunders was exactly what he was looking for, he is the embodiment of the ideals that he stands for. To Shathi Three Thunders stands for upholding the spirit of the law, the rights that every creature has upon being born, and for the just deserts of wrong doers.]

Last known location: preparing birthday party celebrations for King Richard.



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