Sir Vadam Naroosian

King of the Septagon kingdom


He looks a lot like Clint Eastwood. Some of his more notable features would be that on his arms, legs and back he has skin colored scales. He has a set of angelic/draconic wings. He also is mission his left hand and has a prosthetic hand that can also be replace with a weapon for duel wielding.

Grog effects
only require sleep for 1d8 hours, rerol every time i sleep
aware that upon death character switches to opposite alignment
character whistle sounds like a contrabrass saxophone
become dehydrated water salesman (just add water! 3sp per can)
can professorially cook zucchini
sprout a venus fly trap that sings when im happy
my heel is invincible
grapevine constantly grows on me
When i get drunk, succeed a dc17 fort save to release a stream of foire with a mighty burp. 10ft line 1d4 fire damage
a pair of functioning eyes in back of head
summon a stream of 600 butterflies that blinds everyone in a 40 foot radius for 1d4 rounds, no saves
always smell like freshly baked cookies, might attract wild life
make mundane animals fall unconscious if they fail will save
people cant determine my race or gender


Sir Vadam Naroosian has a wife, Kaleu, and a son, Thel. Vadam is Dragonborn and His wife is Half Dragon, because of this they have ties within the Draconic race.

Vadam is one of those old traditional Paladins, from when things were a bit more strict, because if this he is a bit more uptight but has learned to loosen up a bit with these changing times. Evil is one thing he has not loosened up on though. He absolutely hates all evil and doesn’t trust anyone that follows those ways. Even though he had to work with some evil doers in order to stop the lower levels of hell from taking over he did not enjoy it at all and made sure not to spend to much time with them. Though whenever the world needs saving from some sort of evil you can most likely count Vadam in on helping out in some way.

Vadam became a dragonborn around 400 to 500 years ago after he was sent back in time by an evil wizard who was experimenting with manipulating time to take over the world. in order to stop the wizard he became a dragonborn and trained for about 100 years up till the moment when he took down the wizard right after he sent him back.

Since then he went on adventures to build up wealth so he could settle down and start a kingdom. After much adventuring and heavy involvement in a war between the heavens and hells, He went back to his kingdom and increased deference and expanded.

His kingdom has been named the Septagon kingdom for the main castle is in the shape of a Septagon with the seven different wings, all symbolically representing the seven realms of the Hevans. It is a place of refuge and solitude to those that have been effected by war, poverty, disease, or famine, though just about anyone is welcome to settle down there. A lot of people come from all over to start anew and get back on their feet, so someone who visits there is likely to see a wide range of different races and characters.

Last Known location: Headed back to Septagon.

Sir Vadam Naroosian

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