The Start of a friendship...
and the Fall of Giants

I first met up with my master, Man-Fawn-Under-The-Shade-Of-Kernunnos, while exploring this large world I call my home. It is rare that I get to explore the wide-open spaces outside my walls, but today, as I would soon learn, I was in for the adventure of a lifetime.

Sitting in a cell, near the back wall of the complex, I saw a small child, no more then 10 or 12 human years, all alone, apart from his small deer. Next to him was a trio of humans….having a conversation. I do not remember much, as the understanding of Common is only something I have a limited command of. Never the less, I was about to pick up a conversation about a strange, religious man…who’s name was not mentioned, by a trio of prisoners…named Gorehulk, andTalren, respectively. The other person, my soon to be traveling companion, listened intently, before finding a strange message on the wall. As for myself, I made my way over to the cell of this human and was immediately taken aback by his grace. Never have I ever met a human with such…….It is impossible to describe. He is my Master now. That is all that matters.

After approximately three hours, we were escorted out of our cells and into the main foyer. There, I met my masters new “Owner”, a man named Welmar, along with his old one, a Orc named Fomar who seamed furious at our departure. Just as we were just getting introduced, Welmar waved his hand in a magical manner, and we all fell out cold.

We awoke some time later in a well-kept, expensive home. Welmar prepared a feast as we woke up, and explained to us the reason he had “baught” us….there was a man, named Kalob Riverwood, in the city of Caeltyr…that he wanted dead. In exchange, he’dd offer my master and his fellow gladiators freedom. The deal was sealed over a hearty meal…that seamed to bolster everyone’s spirits and health.

As we exited the home, My master spotted a dead body. As we went to investigate it, we spyed another, and another! We fallowed the gursome trail until we found it’s creator…..a large giant of a man, who had been killing indiscriminately in search of a different man , and attracted the town guard. A Melee ensued, but not before the giant fell.

We helped him up, and then went to searching the nearby stores for valuables. Shortly thereafter, we were attacked again…and this time, my friends suffered more serious injuries. After this, a fight broke out between my master and the giant…over both healing, and various valuables on there foes. A grapple was started…but was quickly ended by my master stabbing the eye out of the massive red man. As the shout of police closed in, we decided to make a hasty exit.

Penned by the skilled hand of:
Sir Reganald Motgummary Rat,
CEO of Cheese LLC,
Grand Master of Steath Checks
Pet of Man-Fawn-Under-The-Shade-Of-Kernunnos

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