Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 014
The two choices

I told the others more information about the orb and that i knew where it was located. We also contacted the Angels that Baron is fond of. They said they are aware of the situation and that they are still with the dragons and we should meet somewhere outside the city since the dragons cant enter it. in the time being while we waited we shopped around and also discussed our options, We knew now that the real Ceal is being held on Carkree, and Baron being content on becoming close friends with the angels continues to push for us rescuing Ceal first. He fails to realize the importance of the orb and that if Welshmar is able to get his hands on it before we do then it can spark another war and kill thousands of innocent people.

A mile outside the city in a field we met with the angels and Baelnyr. He shed some new information about the orb which means we had to start re-thinking what our next course of action is. We didn’t want to talk to much out in the open so Baelnyr flew us to the Chronophage dragons underground city. There we met with the leaders of the other Chronophage dragon leaders. We discussed the events that are going on now and how we could get their help and possibly convince people that these dragons are not bad. It will be tough but not impossible, as long as we take the right steps we should be ale to accomplish this.

All of us elaborated a bit further on if we should save Ceal first or try to protect the orb. We decided once again to go and secure the orb. We weren’t going to take it however, cause that would lower Cealthyrs defenses and make them open to an attack by Welshmar and his allied dragons. Instead we are going to leave our own protective force there while we go and rescue Ceal.

Once back at the city i gathered some of my men and a few from Shanedon to come and help protect the orb. We all headed down into the catacombs beneath Cealthyr and arrived at the fort. strangely the fort looked well kept and there was vegetation growing down here. We approached the fort and were welcomed by a few guards who told us of a festival that is going on inside, I managed to get us entry into the festival and told my guards to wait outside unless they hear trouble. We all wondered around for a bit before the Main event started, Baron ended up winning a stuffed monkey. At the main ceremony we all sat and listened through a really long speech and a few more speeches, when all of the sudden the Paladin guy that was being honored turned into a monster and ate the priest! As expected all the nobles and festival goers started to flee the hall.

Ardell's Diary 1

A pink book covered with various cute stamps such as bunnies, ponies, and rainbows is closed with a heart-shaped lock. The heart-shaped key, lays next to it. Do you open it?

If you clicked yes, immediately you see the page is written in hot pink crayon and several random doodles break up the words

Dear Diary,

hehe I’ve always wanted to write that! . Speak of which, I should start at the beginning! The beginning of me of course! Diary’s care about that sort of thing. Let’s see…started my boring life with hard working parents on a farm. Blablabla, went to make them happy as a knight to our Lord Vadam. Was pretty fun learning how to fight from them (That’s where I learned Bull Rush playing football! Not many people know that shhhhhhh oh wait, Diaries always keep secrets hehehe) Anyway, I tried my best to become the best! ….It didn’t work though…I failed out of the Spartan program designed at taking the best in the kingdom and making them awesome. There is a sad little chibi drawing of Ardell being rained on by a little cloud

I became content in my team though. I did become 2nd in command in the Ghostbusting squad! My commanding officer, Sir Rand, was SO hot. hearts circle his name Then Lord Vadam went missing. Huge Bummer! I volunteered to help search/save him in hopes of earning some brownie points with my commanding officer and maybe another chance at the Spartan program.

My quest…led me to a group consisting of a blue man and a bard wanting devil contracts. There were a few others but they left or died. Anyway, we save Lord Vadam! Yay Right? Nope! He got up and left me! And told me to stay with this group because they do “important things.”

UUUUUGGGG Thus began the monotony of following. (Baron-chan told me about that word monotony. Mooooonooootoooony he said it means doing the same thing over and over again and I did a lot of Bull Rushes. Baron-chan’s nice. Likes girls too much. But at least we are friends) blue crayon scribbles the next page

MeEEEeeeeEEEeeeEEEeeeH Um we did stuff…went to dick druid land. Killed dumb head druid. Went to hell…and then…THEN something maaaaagical happened! stars and what appears to be glitter falls out of the book

I ran into an old friend and he took us to our big base and I got some fancy black armor. Crazy thing though! I ran into our newest party member, Nolith-sempai! (He’s a cool robot guy that is my friend too) That’s when it happened! My eyes were open to the world of fluff and cuteness! Sempai made me realize that deep down, everyone wanted a friend. And that’s why….I shall make the world fluffy and ADORABLE!

hehehe Anyway, we saved some druid guy. Nolith-sempai and I went on this awesome adventure where we returned some shiny crystals to our friends at headquarters. (Also have to remember not to say biscuits all the time) Now we are in an elven city doing something else and you know what? It doesn’t matter anymore! I have my own things to do now. First on the list – nap-time, then coloring book while boring people talk boring things. Second on the list – makes friends!

Moving Up In The World

things are changing quickly now. we reached the library of souls and got betrayed by arrol, the summoner we met. after he made a wrong move during a game a wanna be lich suggested, he got captured and i jumped into one of the knowledge fountains. i managed to learn a few things, even more after born had me find knowledge for him. after that i and ardel teleported back to headquarters and completed our mission. i managed to turn that genocidal doctor over for punishment as well, which was quite nice. i got a very nice promotion, so now im a full fledged hell knight. haven’t turned to baby killing so i hope my devil has better than this to corrupt me. got a side mission too, had to retrieve some kind of gems from a high and mighty wizard. thought he was doing the world so much good he gets a free pass to steal. not on my watch. managed to sneak in with ardel, fooled the idiots into thinking i was a delivery bot. didn’t know what him em when i jaunted behind him. sadly the fight went longer than i hoped, and he managed to turn poor benny into a rabbit. bastard, i had the last laugh when i trapped his soul though. don’t know what ill do with it, but i’m sure it wont be fun for him. when i returned born and baron were trying to figure out how to get home, which born had the solution of using some weird scroll that was supposed to summon us somewhere. i didn’t know. after waiting a few hours i just decided it would be faster to use the hell knight portals. we managed to get to the beastlands, and returned that druid. i didn’t know what the big deal was, but if it helps i guess. they were so grateful they even gave us a wish, but for some reason born was determined to save that idiot arrol. traded a massive block of ademntine for him. guy wasn’t even grateful, was just as arrogant and rude as he always was. wish that lich had been a bit rougher, but what can you do. guy had an out for born though in regards to his deal with that pit fiend. had a succubus in his debt, don’t know who’s more foolish with that. born for dealing with pit fiends or arrol dealing with a succubus. glad i kept it smart and kept contracts and such out of my deal with the devil. hes been good so far with it, so i can at least trust him not to be stupid and betray me for fun. hes been learning an awful lot of secrets recently though, god help that pit fiend when i let him off the leash……

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 013
Its been a long time to get from here to there

It has been a while since i have recorded the events which have partook, i seemed to have lost my pencil during our travels some how. the things that have happened recently were nothing that we couldn’t handle but still a bit… exciting.

It all started when we decided to head to the Beast lands after i searched for my missing sword a bit more. We ended up meeting with Kern who was no longer the same as when we last met. he was still an extremist but he seemed to no longer have that trust in me like he use to, even after everything i have tried to do for him, but sometimes a soul cannot be saved through normal means. We ended up meeting him during a council that was in progress, with some help from our new druid friend we were able to convince Kern to step down as the Arch Druid. After the council i went to meet up with kern and talk to him, i told the party to stay back for i have a past with Kern and it would be best if i were to talk to him alone, but Baron decided to disobey my word and followed me. I talked to Kern and started to have him see my way and i got a little more hope that he could be a good ally with some more work. As i was finishing talking to him Baron decided to step in and insult Kern, so Kern turned him into a 10 year old, and started to walk away. This angered baron who raised his gun and shot him in the back. Things escalated from there and we ended up having to kill Kern. What was suppose to be a peaceful day ended in bloodshed.

As we stood over Kerns corpse we were attacked by hateful comments when a metal man of all things came to our rescue. he told the onlookers and protesters to disperse and that he would take care of this matter. His name was the Seeker of the Fist of the Forrest. after talking to him for a bit and telling him why we are here he offered John and Ardell the chance to learn some new moves and the ways of the Fist of the Forrest. John excepted. He proceeded to tell us that getting the previous Arch Druid back would solve most of the problems and help fix what has been done. So with that we headed to see my friend Issiac, on our way there we found a group of ponies that we convinced to give us a ride there which turned into a race with some bets being placed. Baron won and got a Orb of Dragonkind which for some reason one of the ponies had. We talked to my contact Issiac and did some further research on what the arch druid was researching which lead us to our next mission. Issiac told us that the planar travel is being unreliable at the moment so we followed some leads and found out more of where the arch druid was heading and also lead us to a portal that would take us to hell. It wouldnt be that easy though for we had to still travel to the river Stykx and head to Hades.

Once in hell we decided to try to disguise ourselves better, so we went with Valentine being a slave owner/trader and us being his slaves. In town we seen two angles that were being held as slaves. Baron insisted on us saving them and he would pay for their slave costs and passage on the River of stykx. We finally all agreed and went and waited in an ally as Valentine bought them. We got out of town and headed to the river stykx, I helped calm the angels and let them know we are here to help. our first attempt at contacting Charon didnt work so the rest of us waited at an Inn while Valentine went and bought another scroll and to sell some things. While he was doing that i heard the voice of a familiar friend trying to get a room, it was Chelliax. I sent him a message and told him to meet me in our room cause we needed to talk. he came to our room and I told him a bit of what was going on and asked him what he was up to nowadays, after chit chatting for a bit he gave me some shoes that will make me a bit quicker on my feet when surprised and he also gave me a paper which depicted a way for us to get out of here by basically taking a summoned creatures place and be summoned back to the material plane. i said my thanks and we parted ways. Valentine soon returned afterwards and said we were being followed and need to leave immediately, so we used the orb and teleported out of there and near the river Stykx.

Shortly after, a giant gold chest appeared near us and from it emerged a man robot named Nolath riding his prehistoric bird. Also inside the chest was a scroll we could use to summon Charon. Nolath helped us fight some things and then we all talked for a bit to figure out why he appeared and a little bit more about him . He apparently thinks we are Illusions, either he is mad or the product of a transdimmensional rift that sent him back in time or through to our reality which if the person who cast this illusion on him was standing in the right spot to cause this anomaly then it is entirely possible. When Charon appeared we all payed our way and piled into his boat , i talked to him about the arch druid and what he was here for, he didn’t know much but he did help shed some light on the matter. On our boat ride we were troubled by some evil frog things but we were able to handle ourselves and took them down with very little problem.

We reached the dock in Hades to be met with a gruesome scene of bodies of demons and devils scattered about, The “welcoming committee” was waiting for us. the wanted the Orb of dragonkind we had, but when we refused to give it to them they started attacking and the main guy turned into a dragon, the battle didnt last long for we were quickly subdued, but not before we had the angels teleport away with the orb. they took a few us including me to the tall tower whichs name i cannot remember made from the spine of a dead god.

I awoke in a pretty nice room, i didnt have any of my stuff though and there was an anti-magic brace around my ankle. i found a shaving razor and broke it in half to use as a lock pick, though the lick on the anklet was very well made i was able to unlock it without any problem. I picked out a nice outfit and put the anti- magic anklet into my pocket along with the broken razor. when dinner rolled around i was transported to the dining hall where i met an old familiar face, Welshmar. He wanted to know the location of the orb, only he wasnt asking about the one that the angels had, he was asking about a more powerful orb of dragon kind. knowing the location of it and even what it can do would be most beneficial but i would have no idea where to start looking and it was obvious that he wasnt going to let me leave without getting the information, he would of had me thrown in the holding cells to be tourtured or have me killed, and i dont have tome for that kind of stuff. so knowing that he would betray me eventually i led him to believe what he wanted, in exchange for the information i would get my friends who are being held captive released and also the arch druid, as well as being there when the orb is uncovered. He entered my mind and took the memory, though i bet he thinks he was being clever trying to block out what he took so i wouldnt follow but i know of ways that can get the memory back and there is always back doors to memories for they are never truly lost or taken. He also made the mistake of allowing me into his mind, just like with the devourer he opened up a connection to his mind when he entered mine so i was also able to get a few of his memories , most likely without him even knowing since he was focused on taking mine. Now it is just the matter of getting that memory and getting to the Welshmar and the orb before he “Gives Ceal back his bomb” in one week. I do nknow that in a past life i was doing research on the orb and graduated from a mage college with high marks because of it.

With Baron, the arch druid, and nolaths bird here and the others not in sight i went looking for them and my stuff. I just so happened to run into a deamon guarding some more of the holding cells, he didnt like me much so he started to chance me and since i had none of my stuff i just ran. Luckily however when i ran i ended up finding the rest of the party who broke in here looking for us. They came to my rescue and started fighting the deamon who then summoned a friend of his. A summoner joined the frey and helped us against the Deamons, With a combined effort we were able to take out our foe and afterwards we talked to this new summoner.

He said his name was arrol, we told him a bit about what we are doing here and he was shocked that we knew about the orb of dragon kind. He was also trying to get us to leave the tower before we could get to the Library of souls, the group was split on this decision but i told them that this is what the arch druid came here for and we dont know if he got the answers he needed or not, and there is also a lot which we can gain from this and have some questions answered. We all ultimately agreed to proceed to the Library and we made an agreement with Arrol that if he helps us then we will tell him more of what we know about the dragons.

On our way up the tower it so happens to be by luck that we enter a room in which the pit fiend i made a contract with a while back to save Esengaurd, the party, and Vadam, was having a meeting. The pit fiend ignoring some of the details of his own contract and not listening to me gave me the choice between two favors; kill myself, or corrupt the angels that helped us. I also had 2 days to do one of them. Shortly after the meeting and him leaving a paladin dragon came and found us to take us out of there. he also sparked a battle between us and the demons and devils in the room. me and Arrol headed back to the door for cover and so i could heal and save him. He summoned some eagles to help with the fight and i shot some arrows. The others partook in more direct aproaches. We got them down to just one guy left who happened to be a half dragon, or something related to a dragon, he surrendered and told us in exchange for his life he will let us know everything about the dragons. most of us were interested so we let him talk. We found out a little bit more about the dragons and what is happening with them now a days and we were also able to confirm my suspicions about Welshmar and how he plans to betray us (I never trusted him in the first place) and blow up Cealthyr.

Nolath and Ardell apeared to of changed clothes and were now in Hell knight armor, they seemed to have joined the Hell Knights.

We continued on, eventually getting to an old experiment lab that hadn’t been used in nearly 30-50 years. Arrol told us not to touch anything but decided to go in and take a “look” at some of the body parts and Nolath thought he planned to assemble a robot or something in this room, which could of been a bad idea. Whatever he would of created could of attacked us. Kolath started to smash some things and this angered Arrol, I helped get everyone calmed down. As a talked to Arrol, Nolath and everyone else snuck off. Arrol started to show his true personality, as the conversation about what happened and continued he became more arrogant and more of an asshole. i just stopped him from getting his ass beat by a tank and in return he starts saying how he is the smartest one and starts insulting me. claiming he knows so much about the Samsarran race yet in reality he knew so little. This was starting to anger me the way he was acting, Arrol wonders why we dont trust him yet but we have explained it to him, and he also didn’t want us to continue up the tower, he could of just left. And that’s what i told him, i said if he doesn’t like the way the party is or how we are running things then he can just leave, no one forced him to come along and no one is forcing him to stay, he can leave whenever he wants. Thats just what he did, he said fine and just turned and walked away. It always sucks to have to see someone go, but if you arent going to cooperate or leave some bad first impressions after yo help us win a fight then you might not be cut out for this group.

I caught up with the rest of the party who were just about to go into the next room. In the next room was a whole bunch of corpses, and standing on a table was Ceal and some cleric surrounded by flesh golems. With ease Nolath was able to take care of the flesh golems. After which he started to question the cleric and then Ceal, i too questioned him. Ceal wasnt talking and then when told about the angels looking for him he just exploded. The Cleric (who has now been arrested by Nolath for what he admitted to doing on this plane) told us that that was just a clone that was given to him.

We found out that to get to the next floor where the library was we needed to be invited, but we knew that wasn’t going to happen so me and Nolath went out the window and levitated to the next floor. The library was full of people and there were no open tubs for us. There was a wanabe litch that noticed us wandering around looking for an open spot. He offered us a proposal, if we can give him a good idea for his Phylactery he will let us use his tub of infinite knowledge, I gave him the idea of a compass so he would be able to travel the world and acquire new knowledge. Arrol decided to follow us even though he left us and didn’t want to continue up the tower, he barged in on our conversation and proposed his own idea. The wizard liked his idea too so he decided to flip a coin for who would get the tub. Arrol won the coin flip. I was furious that he followed us here and took our chance to get our questions answered when we have been fighting our way up the tower to get there. I will never forgive him. The wizard noticed we were ticked and said we could do some “bowling”. he summoned a Sphere of Annihilation and gave me a device that can control it, Arrol got done with the tub around this time and immediately tried escaping, The wizard put up a wall of force to block his escape but Arrol was able to teleport past it. The Wizard was upset that Arrol was ruining the game so he was able to cast imprison on him and asked if he could take him as a slave. during the commotion Nolath jumped into the tub and began to get answers. I told the Wizard i didnt care if he took him as a slave or not, the wizard decided to take him and in return let us use the tub for a half hour.

We gathered a lot of info about the orb, the devourer, and some other things, including what Arrol was looking up. I discovered that Arrol was made friends with a Succubus to try to get me out of my contract with the devil. Even though he is an arrogant asshole and i dont have much respect for him i figured it is a nice thing of him to try to do, though i dont know why he wants to help me cause he doesnt seem like that kind of person at all.

After the half our was up we met back up with the rest of the party and with Nolaths new connections with the Hell Knights he was able to transport us to their HQ and fill out some paperwork for a portal to the Beast lands. With the portal active we headed to return the Arch druid and in return for doing so we would get a wish. i convinced the others that we should get Arrol back in exchange for $25,000 worth of Adamantine which i remember the Wizard saying he wanted some. They agreed and we had our wish granted for the adamantine. I contacted the Wizard and arranged an exchange.

The time came and just like planned Arrol arrived at our house and the wizard got his adamantine. I still dont trust him fully and dont know what the Wizard did to him so im going to try to keep a close eye on him. He wanted to rest and so we let him, while he did that i did some more research into the current matters. Afterwards i gathered everyone and we all talked to try to get to know each other a bit more, It went ok.

Lack of trust in Hades=common sense.

Arrol and Kodak want the dragon orbs story and offer to help reach the library in exchange for it. Bornsteller enters into an uneasy deal with him in order to reach the library. Didn’t seem like a smart move to me but with my devil friend shouldn’t be a big issue. A contract devil from the parties past were waiting for us as they ascended the tower. Bornsteller owed them a favor, which they decided to call in. not very smart to make an actually contract with devils but not me on the chopping block. the favor was that of servitude. Born stellar was given two days to decide between killing himself or working to corrupt the angels that teleported. After this, beltheroth appears riding in on a griffon. Unseen for the last 60 years, he has reappeared on the material planes now. His appearance spurred the dragon guards to attack, as well as two demons. The wizards decided to cast a few spells, then hide behind the door to watch the real fighters die. After killing one of the dragons, as well as the demons, the final dragon guard was flying out of reach like a coward. Luckily I had an anchor feather token and managed to wrap it around him and use my weight to pull him within Benny’s reach. He would have died right there too if the party hadn’t interfered. Despite common sense and the codes of honor, they decided he would be spared. Because of this ridiculous decision, I decided to spend my time looting the body and keeping it to myself. After cutting off a dragon head as a trophy, I was disappointed as the party showed mercy to the living dragon by letting it escape. Belthazar then agreed to help the party reach the library of souls, which I guess is helpful. Hopefully his common sense regarding survival improves, but considering his age its not likely.

Summary so far, reviving the log

So i’m going to be taking over the log it seems, which means be ready for Nolath’s view on everything that has happened. but first here is what has happened since so many people (myself included) are a bit fuzzy on whats going on. this is directly from Dylan.

Party was delving below skull city while it was under siege by Kord, and trying to kill the Pit Fiend that was basically “Powering” the cities defenses. Party met an inevitable, who killed there friend Chelliax, but they eventually stopped the Pit Fiend. Skull city was destroyed, and everyone believed all was well. Party screwed around for a bit, looking for Born’s missing sword from a while ago, before Baron was contacted by a devil, (who killed him) and the party druid was told by a trent that shit was going down in the Beastlands. In essence, the arch druid had gone missing, and an upstart has taken control of the collective. Said upstart was an old party member, Kern. Party went to the Beast lands, found most druids rather violent, but still attempted to resolve the situation peacefully. They did. Through quite a bit of tenacity, they convinced Kern to step down, entirely nonviolently. After this, however, Kern and baron got in an argument, Kern turned baron into a 10 year old, and things escalated from there. Kern ended up dead. This earned the ire of most of the druids, but the fight was broken up by a Warforged Druid/warrior/monk named The Seeker of Fist of the Forest (Who, as a side note, offered to train the warriors of the party his way of fighting, John took him up on it) Seeker told them that finding the old Arch druid would probably solve 90% of the problems in the beastlands, so party did some research. Party found out that Arch druid was researching in Hades. Before they went to hades, they decided to go talk to another contact of theirs, a dead Arch mage called Issiac Johnson. To get there, they chose to ride via pegisi, which turned into a race (Because Rainbow Dash) Baron won, and as a side effect of this, got Derpys “Ball-toy” witch turned out to be an orb of dragon kind. Party talked to issiac, who explained how standard planar travel is “cloudy” and urged them to find a portal, as well as offered them a reward. Party took a portal to hell, saved the two angels from a life of slavery, met up with the (Now dead) chelliax, who tried his best to get on born’s good side, (and gave them a bunch of loot as a bribe) Party found out that the best way to get to hades is via Charon, on the river Styx, so they blew a powerful spell, nothing happened, and they got pissed. Then nolath appeared out of nowhere, with a super-powerful magic item to summon Charon.

So that’s the basic summary of most of the past, here is from the last few session

Taking the appearance Nolath and his bird as a strange quirk of fate, the party took the scroll of holy word. Nolath believing the party to be part of an illusion made to settle a bet, decided to tag along since he was obviously meant to help them succeed in order to win. Charon appeared and the party paid for transport. After a deadly mid ride ambush, the party finally arrived at hades. However, representatives from the dragons were waiting to strike, and after a brief negotiations the dragon and his minions attacked. The two angels managed to teleport away with the orb of dragon kind, but that left the rest of the party to be captured. Only Nolath escaped through a quick illusion. After john and ardel caught up, the three decided to head towards a massive tower in the distance, ruled by pestilence of the four horseman.
After arriving, they quickly secured disguises in order to sneak into the tower. However the barbarian john became angered suddenly, and roared out a challenge to pestilence himself. Moments later his legs began to melt off due to one of pestilences diseases. Deciding to go out with a bang, john sundered the door and almost killed the guardian by himself. Hoping to be diplomatic, Nolath and ardel hung back. They quickly realized this was futile and went to fight with john. He was killed before they could act however, and they only managed to avenge his death. While this was happening, baron faced terrible torture in the tower. Born woke to find himself within a splendid room, and after taking some time to decide his wardrobe, proceeded to a meeting with the head of the dragons. He secured the release of baron, the missing arch druid (and nolaths bird benny) as well as being allowed to attend the uncovering of an extremely powerful artifact. Nolath proceeded to find himself an unlikely ally by using the slight fame he gained from finishing the door guardian.
Born went on a quest to find his lost things, which Nolath had already looted, and accidentally got himself into a tight spot with a daemon. baron took the druid as his responsibility, protecting him in order to have his curse removed. Nolath decided to search for benny, and was startled to discover (with the help from his ally) that a nearby caster was having him followed. Upon confrontation, the mage feigned ignorance due to not understanding how he had been found out. This was interrupted by born fleeing down the stairs, followed closely by the daemon. A fight ensued, into which the entire party soon joined. After defeating it and a second it had summoned, the party got into a disagreement over priorities. Whether the druid would be affected by a few more days within hades which could be spent looking into the library of souls for information, or should they immediately leave and try to get him saved with a miracle.

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 012
Through the dungeon we go

We encountered many hostiles on our way through the many rooms of this dungeon. Not all were bad though, We met a ghostly gnome who was trapped in this dungeon just rowing back and forth in the hallway. We asked him what dangers lie ahead and how to shut down the engines. he told us and also gave us a key to shut down the cooling tanks. we moved on and also told him we would try to save him.

One of the foes we faced was the necromancer from shanedon that we fought and killed, he was now some half ghost thing but once again we had to kill him. This was a tough battle, we ended up loosing Jade in the process to the point where it was impossible to save her or bring her back. Valentine also went down to the point i could no longer heal him to bring him back, but upon looking through his chest for my contract i noticed a few other strange things and also remembered i had a scroll that could bring him back. In his chest we learned who Valentine really was, a demon hunter for Asmodious, one of our enemies. i contemplated very heavily on whether to bring him back or not, but after reading through most of his journal and the fact he was helping us and hasn’t done anything to hurt the trust between us i decided to restore him. I was still cautious though and wanted answers so i had my crossbow at the ready. When he awoke i asked him where his loyalties lie and why did he not tell us. He spoke and said that he is only with Asmodious to slay devils and that is it, and that he is loyal to us and he will help us defeat Acererak.

We continued forward through the dungeon, we found a cleric of Palor who was sent to help. we welcomed him and fought onward. we stumbled into a meeting between shathi, chelliax, and a few other devils. I asked what was going on and shathi explained he is here to try to convince them to not lead their path of destruction through Cealthyr. i talked to them both about what is going on. I told chelliax that we have to continue on and if he tries to stop us then we will have to fight him. he said he cant stop us so he stepped aside. but John and the Cleric had to start making things difficult and attack chelliax. After things settled down we preceeded. chelliax showed us the secret loot stash.

We found a contract outsider and asked to see the contract. i found a loop hole that made it so he couldnt intervene when we try to stop the ritual, and also made it so the contract was null. sadly he went after chelliax for his involvement in forging a signature and chased him, ultimately killing him.

We continued and found Vadam in a cage suspended above the floor. We fought the evil guys in the room and freed vadam. after freeing him we talked for a bit then left the city

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 011
Siege after siege

We continued on through the swamps in search of Skull city. on our way through we encountered a Hydra, We begun to fight it and a familiar face arose in the distance. it was John. With our crab tank, johns help, and a few close calls we were able to defeat the Hydra. John introduced us to an acquaintance of his that will help us get into Skull city.

John lead us to Skull city and once we arrived Johns friend spoke in dark speech to get us in. John brought us up to date on what is going on and showed me where Vadam was being held. They had vadam locked up in a cage like an animal, and just about every abjuration spell on it. There was suppose to be an army that was going to help us siege the city to save Vadam but those plans hit a bit of a snag. Apparently the army was suppose to come from Valhalla but we got reports that some demons are invading the plane, so like any good samaritan we went to go help defend an entire plane from destruction.

John was able to Plane shift us there but we had to do a little bit of walking where we were met by a dragon. He was no match for us, with our combined might and spells we were able to keep him on the ground long enough for us to take him out. shortly after the encounter Grangee, Johns lamp archon, came back with some hound archons that took us to the main city, there last stand. Once there they filled us in on what is happening and asked for our help. We were happy to lend a helping hand. With a map of the city and a list of there troops and resources we planned for a couple hours on what we were going to do. Just as we were putting the final touches on our plan we the enemy troops started approaching. We sounded the alarm and got all the troops into positions, everyone was going to go to the front lines while i stayed at the tower to direct the troops and evaluate the larger threats. The demons sent in their lemur forces and giant blobs first to try to make a bridge over the mote. We had our cannon try to stop them as much as they can. After a while they were able to break through at 2 of the 3 locations but just barely. The demons next attack came from the sky. They dropped a few of these really fat demons into the city, they were also invisible which made things a bit more difficult. i commanded the hound archons to dump flour on them so our troops could see what they were fighting. we lost some troops to these things but we were able to hold our ground.

The next wave came at us from the north and the west. they broke through our western front first, but someone by the name of jade challenged the demon to a duel and if she won then they would have to turn back. but if he won then they could continue on through the city. I heard that it was an intense battle but Jade came out on top, and that part of the demons forces left the city. At the north gate they broke through and our holy water cannons hosed them down dealing massive amounts of damage but some still managed to get through. Ardell, John, Valentine and a few others helped clean up the rest enough for the remaining troops to hold them back.

We were holding our ground but just barely, at this rate it would end in a stalemate. This cause for drastic action, i pulled out a scroll of command weather that someone in the group gave me, i began to cast it. While the group was at the north gate some money devils got through the south gate and were heading to the center of the city, I told one of the archons to tell the troops in the center tower to grab the gold decorative swords so they are effective against these monsters.

As they were beating down the door a contract devil appeared and offered a deal. They knew they were loosing and we were suffering as well. He said his lord didnt wish to see anyone else die considering they knew they were about to lose and that we also plan on attacking Skull city. He said that they will withdraw all their troops from this plane as well as some powerful people from Scull city, in return i do one favor for him. I know that devils will keep their word in a contract but will also try to screw the other person over for their own gain. What makes this deal a bit different though is that because of my species i cant be damned to hell. i thought a while on this and looked at the outcomes if i didnt take this deal, and the outcomes if i did. under normal circumstances i would refuse immediately, but this isnt a normal circumstance. From a tactical stand point this is worth it because i will be saving lives and time while only putting my life at risk in the future. from a moral standpoint it is quite the opposite. After much thought and reading the whole contract i decided to make the deal, the contract devil also threw in a free wish. I dont expect anyone to respect the decision i made but i made it with only my life at risk, and the money devils would of gotten to me before the group and before i could get the spell off. The reason i also took the deal was cause i knew this devil is no stupid fella, he should know not to trust Acererak and about the balance in the universe. Either he is playing Acererak or he has his own motifs, the favor he will want me to do will most likely be something that will help him get more power in the levels of hell, though im sure he also knows that i will not betray my friends and allies so if he wants me to do a favor for him he would have me do something that is beneficial to us both. It will be a hurtle i will have to cross when the time comes.

The group didnt like my decision but i dont think they fully understand what is at stake and the hard decisions we will have to take upon ourselves in order to win. Also any one who knows me knows i always have a plan for the decisions i make.

Back at the tower i met the new additions to our group. Baron Tasker,

After the meet and greet, Kord decided to come back, he gave most of us a reward, even though he did not like my decision to take the deal but he still gave me something. we told him about the plan for skull city and he agreed to help, so not only did we have the support of the additional troops but also the support of a god. We took some time to rest and equip ourselves before we headed out. The plan basically is Kord and his troops will burst through the front gates while we sneak around the side and find and save Vadam.

Morning came and we were off to siege a city. Kord transported us to the city and busted down the gates and started the attack. We snuck around the side where we were helped over the wall from the imp that Valentine adopted. We made our way into the tunnels where we encountered our first foe, Fallen shadows. These were like the ones we fought on the demi plane that killed Liliana. Jade through up a shroud of darkness which made it impossible to shoot the things, once she lowered it we were able to deal some damage. Ardell was made for this kind of fighting and was making the Shadows hurt. Baron shot one of the ghost down and Ardell got a few more, Everyone else was doing there part to help take down the rest of the shadows while i was doing my part and trying to keep everyone alive.

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 010
Enemies around every corner

We continued through the demi-plane slaying all in our path in the name of Good. We came across a Jail where there was two bearded devils guarding three prisoners. we were able to distract and disorganize the devils enough for the prisoners to get out. Among the prisoners was Crudak who mysteriously vanished shortly after we entered the plane. We all trapped the Bearded Devils down a few of the corridors. Trapped and no where to go they we soon destroyed. The two other prisoners, Father Valentine a bard and Ardell a night, joined us as we ventured through the tomb.

Our next encounter was Drowning Jeb, this was a pretty easy battle since Crudak through some magic dust at him that turned him into a pellet. We took care of the water zombies and then we were on our way. Down this slippery slide we went and found this floating ball of chain that would take forever for us to kill so we decided to move on. The next set of rooms we found was a series of chambers used as therapy for different fears. Beyond those we found an Imp that is now traveling along with us. He showed us to the door that was the entrance to a puzzle, that if we were to solve would lead us to the final room. Naturally we were able to eventually figure out the puzzle and proceeded to the final room. There we encountered some one from my past, an old friend, Thel Naroosian.

He came in contact with the sword and it took control of his mind, turning him into something he was not. I could see deep down he was trying to fight it but there was nothing we could do, we had no choice but to fight him. In his dying he said that it was the sword making him do this and he only hopes that his father will forgive him. then he turned to dust. I gathered up his ashes in a urn to give to his family.

We found a door that was the way out and for some reason lead to our rooms, so we went through.

Back at the house our troubles were still not over. I went to find the Sword shathi got me but it had been stolen. i found out that the thieves that took it were the ones that we met shortly before returning to Argos. the Paladin and sickly women. That is not all though, Abyssalon started to show more signs of evil and then she attacked us. It was just me and Valentine trying to take him on. Valentine got frightened and ran off and i went outside to get the tank. i also told the guards what happened and told them to go get more help. By the time i pulled the tank around, Valentine rejoined and got in the tank. Knowing that he would suspect us to come through the door we went through the wall instead. As soon as we were inside an old friend showed up, Bach. Abyssalon tried to turn Bach against us by telling him the tank ate us, and Bach having the intelligence of an imp believed him. Bach picked up the crab tank, breaking the arms. while we were in the air i convinced Bach that we are fine and Abyssalon is the enemy.

Another familiar face appeared. It was Virgil, he also brought the guard with him. Virgil was there more for the sword rather than to help us. With the crab tank partially functioning i decided as a last ditch effort to charge abyssalon with it, but he pulled out a wand and rusted it in its tracks. Valentine ended up turning invisible and sneaking off before i charged, not sure what he was going to do since he was invisible. Virgil decides to enthrall us in a bunch of tentacles making very difficult to move and more challenging for me cause im in a metal can that is being destroyed and no way to get out. Abyssalon decides to say some evil words that happen to get Virgil on his side. The situation starts to look grim. The tank breaks apart and im able to jump free without harm, Bach is trying to fight them and i realize that we might need more help or try from a different approach. I fall back to the hallway to set a trap in one of the rooms.

I met Valentine outside and shortly after we saw Bach who was badly injured. We decided to head to the town hall to tell them of what is going on and that we need help. After explaining it to the receptionist first, King Cealthalsaur strolls out and asks whats going on. I explain it to him and he agrees to help.

We get to the manor and find that they have summoned a few Bearded Devils. Cealthasaur takes the devils down pretty quickly with just a few words. We managed to proceed to kill Virgil and Abyssalon with a lot of help from Cealthalsaur. With them dead and no longer a problem Cealthalsaur picked up the sword and was able to resist its effects, He is going to put it in a special container so it cant effect us.

We thanked Ceal and in return for him helping us he said that if he needs a task done in the future we are to do it, so we really had no choice but to agree.

After the battle we started to clean up and also talk about why Ardell and Valentine were in the demi-plane jail. They told me that they were each looking for Vadam and were captured, but they do not know eachother. They were able to tell me that they heard he was taken to a place called Skull City. I used this new information to do some research into the whereabouts of the city and i was able to determine the general area of it. I also Realized that this place seemed very familiar. With our new found money we suited up for the long journey and fixed the Crab tank then we were off. To prevent any further problems of people breaking into our home i told the guards to only allow me and a select few others if they know the password, no exceptions.

After traveling for some days now we reached the swamp and the edge of the city. There we found a follower of Heironius who was badly heart. He was a bit frightened to see me and actually had me mistaken for someone else. He said he thought i was his commander, someone by the name of Rolterra who also had nearly my exact likeliness. Which means possibly another Samsarian, But also the name Rolterra is the name of an evil minor deity. Which if this is the case then he has fooled these followers into believing he is good and is secretly trying to carry out evil plans. Also if he looks like me then that is not good, so i have sent word back to Cealthyr to warn of this. It is also strange that a Samsarran Would take such a dark path, usually our species does not follow the dark path but it is not impossible.

Checking the nearby building we found a whole bunch of skeletons and dead bodies, along with a giant Ooze. Ardell went right in and started hitting the Ooze as we fired shots from the back and soon we were able to help defeat the Ooze and skeletons.

In the corner of the building we found a Genie’s lamp, which we took outside. We thought long and carefully about what we should do and we decided to rub the lamp. Out came the Genie and imediatly he thought i was Rolterra. It took a while to calm him down and convince him that i am not Rolterra and we are friendly. We are able to also convince him of the problems we are facing and the threat Acererak poses. He agrees to what we tell him and that if he travels with us (not like he has much of a choice) and sees that we are different then other mortals we will set him free.

We continued on our march.

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 009
Help! I'm falling and I cant get up!

Today is a day filled with sorrow, for we have lost another comrade to the treachery of the Devourer. The one that died today was Liliana. She was a good friend, a bit shy and didnt trust many people very easily but who could blame her, in a time like this trust is hard to come by. Her body might be gone but the memory of her will never fade, and in these next few pages i will illustrate her final battles against evil so that there is a record of this fallen heroes final moments.

It all started in the hall way at the beginning of Acereraks Demi-plane. We peaked through the door at the end of the hallway that lead to the next room. We spotted four Howlers, savage looking beast that appeared to be a cross between a dog and a porcupine. Some time passed as we devised what we were going to do to take on this threat in the smartest and safest way possible. The plan we decided on was that i will get some grenades and tie them together, lite the fuse, and toss them into the room. Then i would create a minor image of an angelic being where the grenades are as to draw the hounds close to them. After the grenades would go off they would eventually notice us at the door and come for us, were we would then bottleneck them and take them out one by one.

We initiated the plan and watched it unfold. We it 3 of the 4 howlers hurting them pretty good. They then seen us and charged at the door. I tried to hold the door partially closed so Liliana could stab at them with her spear, but they pushed it open putting me against the wall. I levitated up and shot some arrows as Liliana held her position at the door. The hounds were lining up to get slaughtered. They tried stunning us with their howls but our will power was to strong for them that day and one after another they fell in a pile at the door, the last one ran away though to warn the others before we could get to him. After the battle we tended to the few scratches we had received, but we were greatly satisfied with our plan for it had worked perfectly. It’s always nice when people follow the set plan, everything end up working out.

We studied the room which happened to be a library filled with books on evil and torcher. i found one that could help me further understand the torcher being done to Vadam in my vision, so i packed it away in my bag. There was another book there we found which looked relatively new, It was called Drowned Jabe and His Miserable Brothers and Sisters. We were cautious about reading the book so we just tossed it in the bag. Another door was at the other end of the room, Liliana and I decided to get ready for whatever could be on the other side of that door so we pilled a whole bunch of books up near it, ready to light on fire to harm whatever could be on the other side.

By this time we were joined by Abyssalon. I filled her in on what happened and then peaked into the next room were i just saw a never ending void surrounded with stairs that seemed to go both up and down but connect all around. looking at it made one feel a bit unbalanced as the stairs seemed to be impossible. Liliana decided to be the first on to enter the room, then followed Abyssalon and i stayed at the door. Not long after entering the room these shadows started to appear out of the far most wall. We took battle positions and began to fight. Liliana and Abyssalon swung at the shadows but it only seemed to do partial damage, the story was no different for my crossbow. Whenever these shadows touched you they made you weaker making it harder to fight or run. Liliana was taking on the brunt of the shadows and soon she was on her knees as they drained her strength, turning her protection into a hindrance. i noticed her barely able to move so i rushed in and gave her a potion to give her some strength back, Abyssalon wasn’t looking to well either. The potion i gave Liliana helped for a little bit but as i was dragging her back to the doorway she was touched by another shadow, draining the last bit of her strength and turning her into one of them as she died in my hands. I yelled to Abyssalon that we need to get out of here and i ran into the other room where i knew they couldn’t get me Abyssalon ran to the wall to try to investigate it but she was soon surrounded, she quickly retreated back to the library room.

It’s sad we had to loose Liliana to a shadow, it saddens me inside knowing there is nothing we could do, Things would be a lot easier if she was still a body. It makes you wonder though, how many of those other shadows were once good people who are now cursed to be a shadow. It is quite sad.

After mourning for a bit we decided run into the room, grab Liliana’s stuff, and head down the left stairs. While running past the shadows one of them got a hot on me but i shook it off and kept going, once we were safe I healed the strength taken from me and seen that we were in another room with an endless void. There was a small passage a bit below the wooden platform we were on. Abyssalon asked me if i trusted her, and i said kinda. Next thing i know she tackled me off the platform towards the passage. We missed it. Then we started falling and passing the bridge, over and over again. I used my grappling hook to catch onto the ledge. As i tried to climb it i slipped. The same happened to Abyssalon the first time. We both hooked again, she was able to make it up to the passage…i slipped again. I missed the next throw but on the fourth attempt i got it again. This time though i had Abyssalon pull me up. We were now in a small passage way awaiting what is to come next.


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