Events of the World: Losing Control
John's Account

Vakarian Bornstellar, an interesting being with a… different view on the world. He had a plan to disconnect the devourer from our minds. Samsarans past lives are somewhat remembered after rebirth so he is able to relive some of his past memories. Using this ability Vakarian thought he could overload the devourer with thoughts and feelings with the help of circle magic. I have, through my studies, heard of it being used to increase a mages power nearly TENFOLD. So, after we had all assembled we began the ritual; each person in the circle focusing their own magics on the circle leader, Vakarian. Once we had focused all of our power he began using his abilities. After it began we could all hear and see, clear as day, the devourer. I, myself, could feel his evil aura draining the happiness from my own thoughts; this THING is pure evil. Through this NOW STRONGER connection we have made with the devourer he was able to CAST A SPELL ON ME. Once the spell was cast I blacked out for a few moments as I was fighting his control.

When I regained conscious control over my body I was rushing towards Vakarian, sword drawn and ready to swing; and then darkness. The next thing I remember is hearing the devourers voice who named himself Acerak. Though i was not conscious yet I was able to talk to him, further proof he was inside my mind. He was beginning to give me orders. The orders were to head north and meet up with his… companions. (I assume they are also of the undead variety) I did not like these orders because it would put me far away from my current mission, which is in Argos City. So, to prevent this, I tried to persuade Acerak that it would be more useful to him that he have me kill off my current comrades. I told him that he was a fool if he doesn’t think that Vakarian posses a threat to him; however minuscule. After insulting such a… deity he decided to put my mind through a torturous murder of myself. I felt EVERYTHING that happened as if were really happening. The pain was agonizing, but I made it through; to Acerak’s surprise. After watching me endure his mental attack he was quite impressed with my sturdy fortitude, so much so he decided to “award” me with gifts to kill my comrades. Given to me were; a new spell which causes those that have the misfortune to fall prey to, to spew acid from the eyes and a knife that turns anyone killed by it into a skeleton under the control of the wielder of the blade.

Finally, I awaken and hear his voice again in my mind. “More blessings for you my death knight.” I then become completely invisible, and search out Vakarian. I find him in a church and attack. After a few blows he recieved help from a priest which ultimately saved his life. Vakarian was also able to eventually free me from the bonds of the devourer. Now we head to a party in our honor and then Argos City to see about some peaches.

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 005
Some new theories

After reading through the book on Acererak i received and some thinking about what Acererak said when we talked to him i have come up with some new theories.
First of i was mistaken in my last entry about him wanting to consume the Weave to live forever, He already has the power to do that so it would be pointless.

If he is believed to be the essence of evil then his possible reason to go after the Weave is to drain it of its life force just because at this point he has probably done all he can in this realm and plans to move into another realm of reality or new greater level of existence which he might need the Weave to complete. By either reaching a new reality or level of existence he would begin his quest for knowledge and ever expanding his power, ultimately quite possibly becoming the universe and time itself, for that would be the highest level of existence.. Either way it will not be good for us if he gets control of the Weave.

(will add to this later)

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 004
A battle of life and death

We were able to get members of the Dancing Sword and guardsmen to follow us to Shanedon to fight Vestus and his undead army. With a fighting force about 125 strong we were able to defend Shanedon against the undead, Through the plans I, and with some help from John, were able to keep the remaining citizens safe and take down Vestus, there was still casualties but a lot less then there would of been if we would of done nothing. Battling Vestus was a bit tough but nothing we couldn’t handle. We made it seem like all the other times he would show up and attack around sundown so he wouldn’t suspect anything, When he made his way down the street that is when me and john sprang out behind him from a building, with Liliana and Virgil in front of him and Sky on his right we had him surrounded. We took his health down but some of us were starting to struggle and things were starting to look grim, until I struck the final blow on Vestus, quite literally.

After the battle we headed back to the library where the remaining town was held up. David the Paladin thanked us greatly and told us we were in the towns debt. We headed back to Caelthyr and on the way back i told the rest of the group my plan to disconnect our souls from the Devourer, Sky and Virgil decided to ditch the cart and sleep on the side of the road (not sure why) so Liliana, john, and I continued on our way back.

Since we are running short on time we decided that John would go see Oropher, and I would talk to Chackwick to see if there is anything that could help with the my plan. He tossed me a book on Circle magic which would help me make my magic more powerful and hopefully strong enough to effect the Devourer. I studied up on it on my way to the Nightshade but i noticed a big gathering and cheering going on so I went to check it out. When i arrived i asked someone what was going on and then all of the sudden i was surrounded by fangirls after giving a few autographs, I ended up running to try to get out of there since i had really important matters to attend to. After i escaped the mob i met up with some Virgil and john and found out we were invited to a party by the queen to celebrate our victory at Shanedon in the morning.

I gathered everyone up, except Sky who decided to stay and help people in the slums, and even a few wizard guards to help with the ritual we would have to perform. everyone stood in a circle while i stood in the middle, they cast spells into the circle to make me more powerful. Once that step was done I went through my memories and accessed the memories of past lives and kept doing so to go farther and farther back and reveal as much memories as i could, then i looked in a mirror and focused those memories and feelings back into myself then put myself to sleep. The idea behind this is that since the Devourer is accessing my mind and putting me into a place called “the Tomb of Horrors” when i go to sleep to eat my soul, he has to open up part of his mind in order to connect with mine. Since his mind is open to mine when i go to sleep I would flood his mind with 55,000 years of memories and feelings to overwhelm him and make him sever the connection between us and the rest of the group.

When i was in this dream state i saw the Devourer and where he resides in a plane of nothingness. He also talked to me, and of course he thought my attempt to sever the connection failed (or he tried to make me believe) and he also proceeded to say we are all going to die and our fighting was useless and we are all nothing, the typical arrogant evil guy stuff. He asked me questions and the like but i just kept turning the question around to annoy him and buy myself more time, which of course made him a bit angry. He eventually made john vanish out of the dream as he took control of him, by this time he was starting to realize that he was about to loose so he was expecting me to stop and help my friend but i did not, for if i did then this would all be for nothing and we probably wouldnt get another chance. i continued to push his buttons and then i said “One mistake you made was allowing a Samsaran into your mind” and with that I pushed the last and most powerful of the memories through and he yelled and severed the connection between our minds, but also at the same time he possessed john and commanded him to attack me. With all of us out of the dream state we started to attack John and try our best not to kill him, which surprisingly we were able to stop him with only a few scratches to ourselves, though john has to be taken to the high priest to remove the effects that where put on him.

After that event though i began to think and realize that i have seen and talked to the Devourer himself and survived, something that no one has probably done in a few milllenia. On top of that though i am most likely the only person in history to of accessed his mind and defeated him in consuming a soul. During those few moment when it was all happening i myself felt god like for achieving such a task. It Got me thinking though, something Acererak (the Devourer) said is that my memories were feeding him, which means he was only trying to scare me or that since our souls are who we are that means they also carry the memories with them as part of the life source because or memories are what make us us and thus that could be contributed to what helps make up or soul or make it more unique to each person. If Acererak plans on consuming the Weave and its life force then he must think that will make him live forever. What is the purpose of him doing that though? if he couldn’t handle my memories then what makes him think he can handle the Weave? This is why i believe Acererak to be foolish and underestimate the power of the Weave and what it would do to him. I also am beginning to believe that the Weave is what makes a god, a god. Obviously we are all connected and it gives us the ability to use magic along with giving us life, but since we are all connected i believe that when followers of a god cast or pray in the name of a god that is what helps provide the power to a god which in turn gives power to the person, but greatly reduced. The more followers a god has, the more powerful he can become. Or you can just steal the life force like Acererak does and also receive it from his followers. If my theory is correct about the Weave then i think i might know how to stop Acererak possibly once and for all. I will have to dig deeper into it and do more research but i still have a few plans up my sleeve.

If Acererak plans on controlling the Weave or consuming it then i believe the universe will not allow him to succeed. There is a balance that is kept between good and evil, one cannot survive long without the other, anyone who knows there history will know that there have been great wars where evil has tried to takeover, in fact one happened only a 100 years ago, gods ranging from good to neutral and even some bad all allied together and stopped the lower planes of hell from taking over, and it was all thanks to the help of a brave Paladin and a group of brave fighters. So i believe that if Acererak does succeed in taking the Weave then it would possibly kill him with the overwhelming amount of life and memories or he would eventually exaust the Weave of its life force and die out from no longer having a source to feed on, and when he dies out a new cycle will begin. Who knows, something like this could of happened in the past and we are just part of a cycle that is bound to happen again and again. It resembles the water cycle in a way. Lets say Water starts out in a puddle which would resemble the beginning of the first cycle and the main form it will go to. Over time it evaporates, this signifies death or the end of a cycle. Then finally it comes back in the form of rain, fog, snow, and sometimes acid rain, this part of the cycle stands for rebirth and sets the path that the water will follow before starting the cycle again. A Samsarans life is no different, just like water we continue in a cycle, and each time the cycle starts over we come back a bit different but are ultimately the same person. Maybe that is why we are blue and our blood is like a babbling brook, and no matter how we start each new cycle we try to reach a harmony in our lives and achieve a good balance so we may ascend. Maybe our race was formed to be a representation of the Weave and the cycle it might take. if so then just like we are the forgers of our own path and how we can control the path water takes then maybe we can also change the path of what the Weave will take.

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log 003
A trip to the past to unlock some secrets

Today I along with John went to the temple/make shift hospital to meet back up with Oropher to see how he is doing and confirm that we probably wont get paid. When we met him he appeared to be getting better which is good. We got to some talking and he told us that he was left with an insane amount of debt, and it was do mainly to a summoner called Vestus Savaska.

John and i decided to split up. He headed back to Kalob to see if he could scry and see where Vestus is while i headed to the Nightshade Theater to gather clues. I stood in the middle of the crippled stage in the dilapidated theater and focused back into my memories to the night of the attack. When accessing the past i was able to study more of what happened that night. I observed Vestus and found that the summoned trolls were not actually summoned trolls but rather animated enlarged human skeletons with an illusion to make them look like trolls. I also found that he was wearing a necklace with the symbol of the devourer on it, just like i have seen in my dreams and on those people that attacked us a few times before. After Vestus controlled the “trolls” to attack the nobles he let them go on their rampage of killing and fled out the back door, not before taking a box full of purple diamonds which i estimate to be valued at 40k. He did not use them for the play and to my knowledge i do not know what they are used for for components in spells. I dont think we want to find out though for they are very rare and probably are used for some dark and evil rare spell, or he just wanted the money. Now that i think of it i should ask Oropher how he was able to get such diamonds.

After finding clues about the events that took place, John work we prematurely out of my trance and i notice Liliana is with us as well. We filled Liliana in on what we have discovered so far and then john brought us to Vestus’ desk in the dressing room, it too had the mark of the devourer in it and also a hidden compartment that led to another dimension with a lot, i mean A LOT, of bones and rotting carcasses. John was also able to find files on the play and its employees which might be usefull later on. We also Discovered that in the prop room (where the summoner was) there was a tear in space and the Weave was leaking through, we found this out when i was creating water to wash dawn off and i all the sudden had fangs , also i discovered that John is not what he appears to be, and for his protection and mine i will not reveal that info. We didnt find much more in the room since most of it has been looted but i did find the guard badges from Shanedon which leads me to believe that Vestus most likely came from there recently and that is where he got the human guard skeletons. We headed to the nearest gate to ask the guard if he seen Vestus run buy and he said that he did and he was heading in the direction of Shanedon.

The three of us headed to meet back with Kalob to see if he could help. Using the picture of Vestus that was given to us by Oropher he was able to locate Vestus and find that he is near Shanedon and raising an army of undead which is not good. After learning this John headed to the main room where people from the Dancing Sword gathered and he with the help of Kern who randomly came in was able to get us around 100 volunteers to fight this rising army. I believes we might need more so less lives are lost so i am off to talk to the town guard to see if they can spare any men or equipment for the sake and safety of the city.

With these dreams i have been having i feel as if they are not my own entirely, it feels like someone might be accessing my mind. I will have to look into this more but if my suspicions are true then I have to try something that i have never done before but might be my only hope.

I just hope that we are able to restore order and balance to the weave, because if the Devourer or even someone else bad gets a hold of it then it could mean the end of life for everyone and all hope of succeeding and ascending to the heavens after this cycle to see Kayla again will be lost.

Events of the World: Meeting & Assignments
John's Account

Today Kalob finally met with the Samsaran, Vakarian Bornstellar. He was… different than I had expected. His skin was as blue as the ocean in lands far from Caelthyr. As planned I greeted him and his, well I’m not sure what to call his companion, child possibly; If he was his child then the blue skin must not run in the family. Then I proceeded to take them to the building where the meet was to happen. They surrendered their weapons to the men we had inside and went in. During this time I walked REDACTED.

Once the meeting had concluded the Samsaran was given three things to look into for Kalob; he himself is much too busy to look into everything by himself.
1. Peaches: The city of Argos is only receiving peaches as an import. This will ruin its economy and drive the city bankrupt. This happened after the King Richard Aegis fell into a coma of sorts (this in of itself is very puzzling, I believe the two to be connected in some way).
2. BOOM: In the ethereal plane the weave is set to explode, this would cause everyone who is connected to it to loose their connection. I myself am not entirely sure what would happen then, as I am not as schooled in the arcane as Kalob; but he tells me that it would be very bad for everyone. Magic and non-magic users alike. I MUST HELP THEM STOP THIS. The only issue is getting into the ethereal plane.
3. Devourer: In a swamp North of the city Pylos there was an image found, in an archeological dig of an old battlefield, of someone called the devourer. Kalob has asked me to look into this. He believes this could have a connection with the weave.

I believe that our investigation should start with the peaches in Argos. These peaches will bankrupt the city within the month. They simply cannot afford to be buying peaches in this quantity.

The Failure of a Play
And the fall of Goblins

The Rehersals went well, but shortly before we were to be called on stage, we receaved a message to speak to the great Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa himself! I have no idea why this famed man wishes to speak to us, but we went with much haste. The Archmage seamed reasonable enough, He spread storys about his adventureing days, revealing to us that he was in fact the one who rescued our friend Bach, and placed him in care of the Grimhilts. Things were going well, untill we mentioned that he had come in contact with a robotic lifeform known to him as “Joshua.” Upon hearing this, the Archmage almost fliped the table itself. He called the meeting off, and immediately left to investigate our clams.

Feeling a bit off….we went back to the Nightshade to perform, hoping the play might take our minds off the political machinations we have just put into motion……

The Play was a disaster! While people spoke there lines with clarity…the play called for some Larger-then-life elements, not the least of witch was a “Fluke” that we all attempted to cut out of each of us in turn. All went well untill the Monk, played by Varken, begain to have trubble. We dived on him in an attempt to save him, but (Allthought we got the fluke our) the stabbing of three sets of knifes into Varkens chest was far too much for the young mage to handle, and he died of blood loss.

“The show must go on”, insisted the director, who said that the plays take would be more then enough to resurrect the mage. Bach left in disgust. The rest of our comanions went forward, with the two missing actors played by illusions. We overcame many challages, but were untimly felled when two “devils” (in Truth, captured troll skellatons) appeared as the final challage, and felled who remained.

Once the party lay dead and dieing at there feet, the trolls turned on the audience, causing a mass panic. It was around this point that My Master Kern left the Nightshade, with Varkens body in tow, and headed up to the high belltower, at the Universal Academy of Magic that we were staying at. There, he prepaired a fire…in order to cremate Varkens body.

The rest of the party (Whom at this point was just Born, as Ash had been left with a blacksmith to “Repair” his metal body) came up to the belltower some hours later…with two new bodys in tow…a young lady in plate armor, and a short goblin man dressed like a merchent. There was a short exchange of words, but the body was lit…creating a huge fire. The goblin approached the fire, to warm his hands, and in responce, Kern grabbed the man, and threw him out the window.

The goblin tumbled far to hit the ground…the impact nearly killing him. We saw the goblin, a scowl across his face, go to his cart to drink his many potions, and gather his dogs. Born spoke to Kern, and tried to calm him down before the inevitable fight. It worked…somewhat. Just when Born has calmed Kern down, a pair of hairless dogs burst into the bell-tower, fallowed shortly after by there master shooting a blowgun dart at my master, knocking him out. A battle ensured. Weapons were bloddyed, bombs were lobbed, untill Kerns dear, glowing with unholy magic, summoned forth an evil deamon, a Succubus. Witch seamed to take a likeing to the most evil, and chaotic thing it saw…the goblin merchent. It seamed to seduce him with but a wink. Then, she transformed into the ideal image of a female goblin, and walked the now-domanated Hagmar down the steps, before haveing her way with him.

The party, after the fairly-exciteing day, decided it was time for a rest.

Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 002
A shiny robot that can act

Today we gathered some more clues as to where we can find Kalob. Bach decided to go off on his own and search for an underground fight club, which is silly because how is he going to find a place you cant talk about? the rest of us found one of the apprentices we saved and asked him if he knew what we encountered. He said we encountered a Perfect which is strange because they only know of one that is left and he is in cryostasis in the cryolab. We decide to head to the cryolab to to find more out about these “Perfects” .

After talking the the magic guy in the cryolab we decided that the best coarse of action would be to release the Perfect from his frozen slumber. Our weapons at the ready we unfroze the Perfect. He was a bit confused at first but after some explaining that he as been asleep for 20 years and finding out he is not hostile towards us, we lowered our weapons. We found out his name is Ash and also he doesn’t remember much but was told by some force that he must help us. And so we went on our way.

We then headed to Chackwicks office to tell him more about what happened at the building with the explosion and the apprentices. We informed him that the Perfect that attacked us might be going after Kalob. Chackwicks told us that the best way to find Kalob would be to get into the play that will be showing in about a week. Kalob loves plays so if we do well then we might get invited to a party where we will be able to meet Kalob and hopefully be able to warn him of the assassin. Though a party would be a great place for an assassin because of all the people and the ability to blend into the crowd, we could just be following the Welshmars plan and not even know it so we best keep a close eye on anything suspicious while at the party, or even at the play. While working in the library back home i remember reading stories of a great ruler that was assassinated in a theater, lets hope that in a sense history wont repeat itself that day.

Shortly after our talk with Chackwicks we met back up with Bach, who tried to attack our new friend, luckily i was able to talk the giant down and not kill our new friend. After tensions settled we headed to the theater to hopefully get a casting into the play. We went and auditioned and to every ones surprise the giant had a great performance and so did Ash. Varken and I did pretty well too, now we just need to study our lines and promote the play.

Vakarian Bornstellar- Log entry 001

Now that i am no longer spending my time back in my home city I have decided that it is time i should start writing down my adventures for future lives.

It all started after i woke up back at home and realized that i had a strange tattoo on my chest. i recognized that it was a holy symbol and went to the local church to find out what it meant. The priest told me it was the holy symbol for Phiarlan. I met a man named Welshmar who said if i help this group of former slaves of The Pitt then i will get passage into Caeltyr where i need to go and find a church of Phiarlan.

I met the group of former slaves who i know call my friends. There is Bach a fire giant, who is not all that bright and gets us into trouble a lot, im still cautious around him and consider him to be a wild card. There is also a child of the wilderness who is called Kern, he is about a 10 to 12 year old boy who was raised by deer and only speaks deer . He can be a troubling one sometimes so we need to keep a careful eye on him. Then there is Varken, probably the only other one i can count on the most since he seems to be more stable than the rest, He is also pretty smart or at least enough to be able to fully understand what is going on around us and the situations we get into, though he is confused about where he gets his powers from and some things about society and how it works. There was also this Bard fellow who we met up with who helped us get into the city. i don’t know much about him except that he has a monkey as a pet.

Back to what i was going on about though, I have made it to the Church of Phiarlan and was able to talk to a priest about my tattoo. He said that he has not seen this mark in over 20 years, it is called a dragon mark and it appears either in times of crisis or right before. He also said that i have the blood of a god somewhere inside of me and the god Phiarlan himself put the mark on me and it is very important that i try to stay safe for there is something big that is going to happen and i will be needed. He also pointed out that Archmage Cael has one as well. The Priest then asked me 13 questions and after answering them he then turned my tattoo into the Least Mark of Sentinel so now I can better protect myself and others around me.

After i was done talking to the priest Bach found us and said we must come with him quick because it was very important. He took us to an old friend of his called Chackwick Johnson. Chackwick revealed the truth of Welshmar, apparently Welshmar is a dragon and claimed to of assassinated a good friend of Chackwisks many years ago. It was also revealed that Kalob the person Bach was sent to kill by Welshmar is a information broker, also know as the Shadow Broker. This means that Kalob knows something about Welshmar that Welshmar doesnt want people to know. We must find this Shadow Broker and find out what it is Welshmar does not want people to know so we can hopefully use that information against him.

Though if this information is that important then it makes me wonder why he would send this group of adventures after Kalob and not an actual trained assassin? Yes these new friends of mine know how to fight but surely Kalob would know we are coming (especially with our path of destruction) and be prepared to fight us or run away. He is very good at gathering information so are travel would not be unnoticed. With Welshmar being pretty intelligent from what i can gather there would be no reason he would think they would succeed. Which leads me to think that Welshmar knew of this and sent them as basically a distraction for Kalob as an actual assassin moves in to take him out. Let’s hope that’s not the case for we might be to late…

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Witness the synergy of Man and Machine...

A magical explosion, almost throwing us from our cart, erupted from a nearby building! Next thing I knew, Bach had rejoined us, seemingly having slipped away, and swords raised. Next thing I knew, we saw a horde of, seemingly uncontrolled, zombies stream out to meet us. Bach held his ground well, but our cart raced away from the scene due to the dangers, taking most of the party with it!. Kern was able to calm the animals down for us to all regroup…and we resolved to find out what had caused this explosion.

Almost immediately after, we saw a body on the ground…with a faint pulse. Wakening him up, he identified himself as a student of “High Abjurer Starshard”, and told us he remembered little to nothing of the blast, other then he remembered going to a museum.

Pressing onward, we rescued more students, as well as killing/capturing a strangely looking bugbear, leather armor as black as night, and with an iron mask, decorated with two gem-like arrangements. We killed many zombies, as well as a Minotaur, that my master seams to be eyeing…..

Finally, we reached the inner santium, where Starshard was maintaining a barrier, to protect his remaining students. Once we were able to get it down (In no small part due to Born, who’s mental will was no match for the ageing wizard) , we attempted to get our bearings of the situation from the wizard and his students. Suddenly, a mental spike shout out of the skull of Starshard. He dropped to the ground dead, and my master spotted an invisible shape trying to get away. It appears to be manifesting a ball of electricity…..GET DOWN!

Have a Cael-tastic day!
Doing nothing....getting stuff.

Well, last night certently was intresting. After the tavern brawl, We made camp once more, and Varken went out to hunt. He came back with a set of pure-white deer antlers, some seven feet long. Needless to say, this caused a stir with My Master, Kern, but no meat was to be found, nore blood upon the antlers. Belivering them to be cursed, Kern shooed them away, and varken placed them upon a tree.

The next morning, the antlers had disappeared…..or so we thought. Rather, we found that they had taken a place upon Varken’s head, both to our surprise and his. Although nonmagical at first glance, they appeared to possess supernatural powers, when Varken offered a gift to our new friend…..

Oh of course! I almost forgot! As we went along the long road to Caeltyr in our cart, we were joined with a man who’s name I have yet to catch. Whatever the case, he seamed to be the inquisitive, forgiving type, even if My Master did accidentally shoot him during our greetings! He also seamed to have a fairly active companion, an ape. I do hope he sticks around more then the paliden and his quest for peaches!

He did prove his usefulness quikly enough, however, with a silver tongue who allowed us passage past the guardsmen, and into the grand city of Caeltyr proper, and I must say, it was a grand sight! The main entrance archway complete with what looked to be an actual dragon skull, and not one, but two massive statues of a elven mage, welding a longsword, adored around the main gate alone! The architecture was absolutely astonishing. We would soon learn, however, that this was just the tip of Caeltyrian culture.

The architecture, the dress of the guardsmen, even the currently, (Known as Kale) seamed to be in reference to a mythical being, known as Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa…who apparently has ruled the city to this day. So far, we have done little apart from being assaulted by tour guides, and done a small amount of shopping…..Varken has got himself a set of new robes, adorned in Orange and yellow fabrics.


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