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House Rules:

Medium Exp rules, as per standard Pathfinder rules.

Palidens can be “Any Good” and Antipalidens can be “Any Evil”

1/20 rule: Any “1” on a d20 is an autofail, and any “20” on a d20 is an automatic susess. Exceptions are made if the task is super trivial (A 15th level wizard identifying a potion) or humanaly impossable (Jumping over the moon)

Orcs and Half-orcs have diffent, (caster-focued) racial traits. One custom race (Giant). Other races are unchanged.

Final Rule: No minmaxing. This is subjective as all hell, I know, but, dispite the setting, this is a roleplaying game…not just a combat simulator with dice. I ask that your charaters have personality…a reason to end up in the pits, and idealty a plan once they escape. While there may not be an overarching story, it dosen’t detract from the fact that I expect to see people playing CHARATERS….not simply monster-killing robots.

Additional Info

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