The City of Caelthyr

Community Size:Metropolis
Population:72,472 Adults
Size:382.50 Acres
Population Density (Adults/Acre):189.47 Adults/Acre
Races:Elf (66,679); Human (1,449); Halfling (724); Orc (724); Gnome (724); Half Elf (724); Half Orc (724); Other (724)

Gold Piece Limit:160,000.00

Imports: Cloves, Fruit, Olives, Cows, Iron, Grain, Tobacco and Wool
Exports:Ale, Weapons, Clothing, Books, Chickens, Parchment and Steel
Famous: Mages, Celebritys, Men, Army, Peaceful, Purses and Shoes
Infamous: Overblown, Parties, Polite and Security

  1. of Wards:35
  2. of Buildings:27,499
  3. of Power Centers:8
  4. of Guilds:280

Has Walls

  1. of Gates:3

Caeltyr is a city that stands as a testement to the desire that one man, even comeing from the most modest of accomadations, can build a life worthy of greatness. Founded by the legendary Archmage Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa…a name spoken in the streets with respect, and admeration.

The city of Caelthyr is the youngest Metropolus in Argos, and it’s quick rise to power was not without turmoil. Founded in the year 4 BC (Before Crash, just as Dracana War was concludeing;) The archmage decided that his people had suffered long enough, and, after offering his hand in marrage to the (At the time) young Queen Nill’afan of the Aldren elfs, it was decided that the city of Caelthyr was to be founded, both to honor there coming victory, and cement the new alliance between the two rulers. The ground was broken for the Royal Palice on the First of March, and the city sprung up around it.

What amazes most historians to this day was how a city like Caelthyr, with no natural river, or lake of it’s own, was able to survive, much less grow into the superpower it is today. To answer that question, one needs to understand WHY the city was created. Prior to the exsistence of Caelthyr, the elfs of Argos


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