Caeltyr (Kal-thee-er) is the capital city of the elfs, and magic as a whole. Found in the western heartland of Argos, the imposing city is home to the Archmage of Caeltyr, one of, if not the most powerfull, mortal magic user.


Caeltyr has been the central hub of the elf community since the end of the War for Argos. The city was founded by a powerfull archmage, Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa and named after himself. It is a fortified complex guarded by stout walls, massive gates and tall towers. The mountainous ranges of northern Bacoke form a natural barrier to the rear of the fortress of a city, and parts of the complex are carved into the mountain itself.

Caeltyr led the unifacation of mortal Elfs to the city of Caeltyr, where they founded a new homeland with the help of their Drow brethren. Naming their new land Caeltyr after there leader, the elfs settled down to build a glorious society for themselfs. After a few years, with the draconic oppression on their kind ended, the elfs of Caeltyr changed from a warlike juggernaut, created to provide a united frount against the dragons; into more of a loose coalition, dedicated to survival and prosperity rather than conquest. Aided by the noble humans and the cunning Drow lead by Nilll’afann, The elfs looked forward to a new era of peace in their own land. From there, they began the creation of the great magical city, Caeltyr.

The new city was constructed in a short amount of time, with the aid of Humans, Halflings, Gnomes, and other races. Despite having some problems with the local wildlife, Caeltyr prospered in the end and became home to the Elfs and Drow.

Caeltyr Today:

Caeltyr is openly hospitable to all wizards of magic, and is an important center of commerce. Visitors may fly into the city by way of mount or magic, or simply walk through the fortress’s main gates. Today, Caeltyr lies at the base of a mountain between Bacoke and Shanedon. A mage’s city indeed, it is home to countless amounts of Elfs, Drow, and an increasing amount of Humans are now joining the city, as well as some Orc’s of Dorth-Kell who have more recently been accepted into Caeltyr’s magocracy.

Notable Residents: Kalob Riverwood.


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