Character Creation Information

Character Creation Rules

Party level: Everyone starts at level 2 to represent the bloody experience you have all had in The Pits. In addition, to represent the combat training everyone has, feel free to pick a extra bonus feat from either the Combat list, the Teamwork list, or the History of Scars feat.

Stats: You can either go for point buy, or roll 4d6 for them (With a mercy rule of rerolling if you don’t have a 16 or better, before racals) For point buy, I’m feeling nice, so go ahead and spend 17points, pathfinder style. Since your starting on the “lower end” of the social spectrum, it makes scene for you to rise up and become epic heroes! (Though, do try to at least spread out your stats a little. 18 Cha on a sorcerer is fine, but not if Str Wis and Int are at 8.

Alinement: Any except for CN and CE. Evil and good can coexist in the same party if they wish….so long as both sides play it intelligently (An evil alignment is not a crime, nore are selfish deads. On the other side of the coin, burning down orphangages “for teh lulz” is not something I want to see.)


You have 1000 gp to spend on armor, weapons, and misc advantureing gear. You would be wise to pick up at least a masterwork weapon and a set of armor, as well as a few pieces of adventuring gear, here and there. In gladiatorial combat, the winners often loot the bodies of there fallen opponents, and this total is representative of the things you have collected and scavenged from other combatants, as well as the odd trinket accidentally thrown into the fight. You do not need to keep the number of your items low, however, as (although novice gladiators are forbidden from owning anything…apart from armor and weapons) you have been in The Pits for many years, and as such might have a fair collection of odds and ends. (Allthough, you most likely do not have a full complement of adventureing gear, most people do not throw Bedrolls and Tents into the match :) ) Potions and Wands are fair game, but scrolls or anything else “civilized” are not. Keep in mind you may want to buy a partialy-used wand for a % of the base price. Thus, while a fully charged Magic Missle wand is 750 gold, one with 25 charges will set you back 375gp, and one with 10 charges will only set you back 150gp. Any money not spent on gear or items is lost.

Character Creation Information

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