Major Religions and there chief worshipers

Name of God: (Alignment) Dogma; Worshipers

Heironeous (LG) Chivalry, Justice, Honor, War, Daring, Valor; Most humans

Phiarlan: (LG) Suffering, Sacrfice. Endurance, Perseverance; Elfs of Caeltyr, Martyrs, prisoners

Bahamut (LG) Good Dragons, Wisdom, Justice; Few, if any.

(One more NG god)

Pelor (NG) Sun, Light, Strength, Healing, Most humans

Kord: (CG) Streath, Battle, Athletics, Most Humans

(One more CG god)

Boccob (TN) Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Balance, Foresight; Mages, Orcs, some Elfs

Three Thunders (LN) Revenge, retribution, Poetic Justice; Lone wanderers, some palidens, Some Drow,

Olidammara (CN) ; Music, Revels, Wine, Rogues, Humor, Tricks; Thiefs, prisoners

(Evil gods)

Rolterra (LE) Insurrection, expansion and foresight; Revoultionarys


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