The Dracana created the Orcs to whipe out the Gnomes, This failed, and created an allience between the two…Dorth-Kell. Then Humans got created as “genralist troops” They were deeped “To flexable, with not enough power” and were exiled from Argos for many years. (Though they later settled in the eartern lands, makeing them the second oldest kingdom)

Various other races (Goblins, bugbears, Halfings, kobolts) were either created as “lessers” to serve as troops to the Dragons, or mutations that evolved later. Drow as well, but Drow deserve a specal menction at the end.

Lord Ao: More recently (300 yearsd ago) Elfs were created to serve as, not tools of war, but slaves. However, due to the elven knack for knowlage, they reliased there situation to be one of slavery, and rebelled, kicking off The Elven wars…lasting a little over a centry. Many great names were founded in that war, includeing Phiarlan, a human who faught for elven freedom, and was later elevated to demigod status after his martyrdom.

With Phiarlan’s death, the human nations of Ebonrow and Ba-coke joined in, and the Dracana signed an end to the violence. some elfs were outraged by this, but most were happy to have peace. Out of the outraged elfs, two subsets emeraged. While many elfs went to live in human citys, some lived out in the wild, seculted from humans and orc alike, to prative the (then-illegal) warship of Phiarlan. Some other elfs went underground, and begain to backwards-engenner the Drcana’s scientific advancement on there own bodys, turning there skin back. These became Drow.

Since then, there have been a few major events, nothing groudnshattering, but a few notable events incude: The Death of King Agis, and a war for susession over Ebonrow between Richard and Kade (The former winning) The apperence of a strange, metalic and robotic race, dubbed “Perfects” that came out of nowhere, started frantialy mineing for ore for about a six month period, before disapearing, the founding of Caeltyr, by the famious Archmage, Caelthalsur Tyrvalsa, and the short-lived “War” dubed the “Confuseing Agression Period”


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