Vakarian Bornstellar - Log entry 014

The two choices

I told the others more information about the orb and that i knew where it was located. We also contacted the Angels that Baron is fond of. They said they are aware of the situation and that they are still with the dragons and we should meet somewhere outside the city since the dragons cant enter it. in the time being while we waited we shopped around and also discussed our options, We knew now that the real Ceal is being held on Carkree, and Baron being content on becoming close friends with the angels continues to push for us rescuing Ceal first. He fails to realize the importance of the orb and that if Welshmar is able to get his hands on it before we do then it can spark another war and kill thousands of innocent people.

A mile outside the city in a field we met with the angels and Baelnyr. He shed some new information about the orb which means we had to start re-thinking what our next course of action is. We didn’t want to talk to much out in the open so Baelnyr flew us to the Chronophage dragons underground city. There we met with the leaders of the other Chronophage dragon leaders. We discussed the events that are going on now and how we could get their help and possibly convince people that these dragons are not bad. It will be tough but not impossible, as long as we take the right steps we should be ale to accomplish this.

All of us elaborated a bit further on if we should save Ceal first or try to protect the orb. We decided once again to go and secure the orb. We weren’t going to take it however, cause that would lower Cealthyrs defenses and make them open to an attack by Welshmar and his allied dragons. Instead we are going to leave our own protective force there while we go and rescue Ceal.

Once back at the city i gathered some of my men and a few from Shanedon to come and help protect the orb. We all headed down into the catacombs beneath Cealthyr and arrived at the fort. strangely the fort looked well kept and there was vegetation growing down here. We approached the fort and were welcomed by a few guards who told us of a festival that is going on inside, I managed to get us entry into the festival and told my guards to wait outside unless they hear trouble. We all wondered around for a bit before the Main event started, Baron ended up winning a stuffed monkey. At the main ceremony we all sat and listened through a really long speech and a few more speeches, when all of the sudden the Paladin guy that was being honored turned into a monster and ate the priest! As expected all the nobles and festival goers started to flee the hall.


Keven Nick_bird

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