Adopted by the Grimhilts after Caelthysars gang killed his parents and all other family members, Bach was raised by the Grimhilt tribe. Trying to prove himself in battle he submitted himself to the arena. The duels he was in were, at first, sanctioned fights that were set up by his “handler” Batiatus. Bach was doing so well in the arena Batiatus did not think he could lose and wanted more coin than he was getting for Bach’s fights. So, Batiatus convinced him to go into the “tunnel” fights, which were unsanctioned underground fights. These fights are high risk and even higher reward.

In his first underground fight, Bach won quite easily by cutting his opponent into three distinct pieces. Once the fight was over Batiatus told the guards to collect his slave ( underground fights are where lunista’s take their slaves to fight and generally the guards put them into shackles for their masters, this is to keep the slaves in check). After the fight Bach was put into cuffs and carted off to sit with the rest of Batiatus’ slaves.

Now Batiatus uses Bach in unsanctioned fights for his own monetary gain. Bach is now fighting for his life against opponents who would try and kill him as soon as look at him. He has found a few slaves that he has made friends with throughout the 10 years he has been captive by Batiatus, but all have been slain either by Bach himself for the crowds amusement or by other gladiators. He has been beaten into submission every time he has tried to escape Batiatus. Every time he has several of his armed men grapple him and put the shackles back on him. Bach has not lost hope that one day he will be able to escape and kill Batiatus but for now he is lying in wait for the proper time to strike.


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