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Fighter: Commander

A Commander fighter is one who has experence in leading men. Be it due to millatary service, a rebellion, or simply working as a team, a Commander knows how to direct his men to victory. But make no mistake, a Commander is no armchair genral. He leads his men directly into the thick of the action.

Inspiring Cry:

At 2nd level, the Fighter gains the abaily to, as a standard action, shout encoragement to his allys. This abaily affects all allys withen 30 feet of the Fighter, as long as they can see and hear the Commander. This abaily bestows 1d6 points of temporary hit-points, plus an additional 1d6 temporary hitpoints per two Fighter levels (2d6 at level 4, 3d6 at level 6, etc) These temorary hitpoints do not stack with themselfs, and last either untill the end of the current battle, or until depleated from damage. The commander may use this abaily 3+Wis modifier per day.

This abaily replaces the bonus feats gained on all even-numbed levels.

Well Prepared: At 3rd level, a number of times per day equal to your Wis modifier, when confronted with a situation that calls for a particular mundane item of equipment, you may make an (Survival) check with a DC of 10 plus the item’s cost in gold pieces to “remember” you have such an item on your person. For example, having a crowbar would be DC 12, whereas a flask of acid would be DC 20. The item must be something you can easily carry—if you are on foot and have only a backpack, for example, you could not have a large iron cauldron, ( though if you are leading a caravan, its a different story entirely). You cannot have magical items using this feat, nor can you have specific items, such as the key to a particular door. If you are stripped of your equipment or possessions, you lose the benefits of this feat until you have at least a day to resupply and “restock” new items. The Commander must still pay for these items normally

This abaily replaces Armor Training 1

Brounder Weapon Training:

At 5th level, Rather then focus on a small subset of weapons, a Commander knows all the tools of the trade are necessary to victory. At 5th level, the penalty for not being proficient in weapons drops from -4 to -2. At 9th level the Commander is considered proficient in all weapons, even exotic weapons, and firearms. At 13th level: These bonuses extend to any target affected by the Commanders Rallying Cry. At 17th level: The Commander never takes non-proficiency, or improvised weapon penalties from any source.

Ubiquity: At 7th level, the commander knows how chaotic battle can be, and learnshow to adapt into just the right strategy to claim victory.

When she first aquires this abaily, the Commander picks one of the Base classes from the Players handbook to learn from (Apart from Fighter) Every four levels, this abaily improves.

Barbarian: DR 1/-
Improvement: DR goes up by 1 every 4 levels.

Bard: Bardic Music like a 1st level Bard. Commander counts as a level 1 bard for the purpose of wands and scrolls.

Improvement: Your bardic music improves by +1 every four levels, and you are considered to be a 5th/9th/13th/17th level bard for wands and scroll usage.

Cleric: Able to use wands and scrolls as if you were a 1st level cleric
Improvement: Your cleric caster level goes up to 5th/9th/13th/17th level for wands and scrolls.

Druid: Gain an anamal companion, as a level 1 druid.
Improvement: Your effective druid level for your companion rises by +4. Feats such as Boon Companion can still be taken.

Monk: Gain the abaily to add up to 2 points of your Wisdom bonus to AC, as long as you remain in only no armor/light armor, and only use monk weapons.

Improvement: The amount of Wisdom you can add to your AC improves by +2 points every level (4/6/8/10)

Paliden: Gain the Smite Evil abaily, as a 1st level Paliden. Ability to use wands and scrolls as if you were a 1st level Paliden.
Improvement: Gain +1 uses of Smite evil, and your effective paliden level improves, both for smite, and for wand/scroll usage to (5th/9th/13th/17th)

Ranger: FuckIdunno

Rogue: Gain +2 skill points per level, and Disable Device and Perception as class skills. Also gain 1d6 points of sneak attack damage.

Improvement: Gain +2 more skill points per level, (Up to +8 extra skill points) as well as 1d6 sneak attack damage.

Sorrcer: Gain an Arcane Bond, as per the Arcane Bloodline
Improvement: Gain the Eldritch Heratiage/ Improved Eldritch Heratige/Greater Eldritch Heratiege feats.

Wizard: You count as a level 1 Wizard with regards to Wand and Scroll usage.
Improvement: Your effective Wizard caster level improves, to 5th/9th/13th/17th for wand and Scroll Usage.

This abaily replaces armor Training 2 3 4, and armor Mastery


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